Zai @ 28 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Speaks clearly most of the time
    Yes. And he loves talking. The moment he comes home from school he will start rattling. Mostly saying the same old things like “Big Bad Wolf fell into the water”. And yesterday he manage to string two sentences together. “Monkey has banana. Squirrel has nuts.” Ermm.. Although I can’t quite see the link. His vocab is also increasing at a very fast rate. Just yesterday he used the word “spicy” instead of “hot” which we always use. He told me the spicy tapioca is too “Spicy. Zai cannot eat”.
  • Puts on clothes
    With help generally. Still can’t really do it on his own yet
  • Jumps off the ground
    Yes. And he loves to jump. There is a small step at the corridor before reaching our unit. He will jump down from that step.

Emerging Skills

  • Builds a tower out of several bricks
    Yes. He loves building tower and destroying them. His teachers also commented that he can spend a great amount of time trying to build towers in school.
  • Speaks clearly all the time
    I was about to say yes. Actually I think he does just that there were some pronunciations who really can’t make out now. So I’m not sure about this

Advanced Skills

  • Draws vertical line
    I guess Yes. But not really “straight” though.
  • Balances on one foot
    Hmm.. haven’t really seen him do this before.

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