Our Little Helper

I have read online about how some Mommies got their little ones to help out in house work. And also read somewhere about asking the kids to do housework will help them in their studies as they will find doing housework tiring and in turn appreciates the time they have in studying. So you bet this lazy mum is more then happy to rope in the kids to help her out in her chores. She just can’t wait for them to grow older in this aspect.

So, Zai has recently appears “old” enough to help out certain tasks. Actually he was the one who initiates wanting to help. I thought why not, since I’m unlikely to get this kind of request in the future when he is older. Now these chores seems like play for him. So I’m killing two birds with one stone. It helps occupy him and make my chores more “fun”.

He started with just helping me put the dirty laundry to the washing machine. He will step on his little stool, I will pass him the laundry piece by piece and he throws them in. And since he likes pressing buttons, I gave him the opportunity to start the washing machine too. But of course I remind him constantly that he is not to play with the washing machine or take a stool near it when no adult is around to guide him. He wants to help put the detergent too by running to the cupboard and taking them out. I was quite shocked that he manage to carry out a 3/4 filled 5L softener. But of course I didn’t allow him to “deal” with the chemicals. He is still a tad too young and his hand eye coordination still needs improvement.

After a few times with the throwing in of laundry, I also got him to help keep the clothes. We have those small round hangers with lots of little clothes peg for hanging smaller garments like socks and undies. Initially, he just press the peg without holding on to the clothes and they fell to the floor. Upon seeing that he has the strength to use just one hand to press on the pegs, I taught him to hold on to the clothing with one hand while the other hand press on the pegs to release the clothes. He manage to get it on his first try. After taking down one, he will run to put it into the laundry basket (he threw the first one into the “dirty” laundry basket, I have to tell him to put into the correct basket).

And on Monday, he requested to help again. And this time I was hanging up clothes, so I got him a stool and put it near the bamboo poles and got him to help put the pegs on the clothes which I have put on the poles.

Zai helping to hang the clothes

As you can see, he have a fun time playing with the clothes pegs! He had like 5 clothes peg on one of my MIL shorts. I tried taking them down and he stopped me. Telling me “Put here”. I have to secretly take them down when he turn his back. 😛

I also tried letting him hang the socks on the round hangers. I hold on to the socks while he press on the little pegs. We were quite successful so next time I will ask him to do it on his own. Holding the socks and pressing at the same time. And we shall see the results.

Oh, with our little helper, my chores took even longer time to complete. Expected right? Cause I have to coach him and he gets distracted sometimes. And sometimes he took down the clothes and proceed wanting to put it back again. But it does make boring chores a little more fun and it helps train his fine motor skills, so why not right?

So what chores do you do with your kids?

“MeeMee, MaaMaa shorts won’t fly away!”



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