Precious Moment with Zai (@ 28 Months)

After last few weeks, more adorable moment with Zai.

Ugly / Pretty

We were at my parents’ place yesterday. I was getting ready to leave my parents place for my facial with my sister. And Zai was sitting in the living room having his lunch. My mom was feeding Loi while my bro was helping out with Zai.

My sis came out of the room to the living room and suddenly…
Zai: YiYi ugly.
Everyone was shocked but all laughed. Dunno is it because of my sis new specs.
My Sis: Why YiYi ugly?
Don’t know is it because he is shocked with our reaction that Zai started to be “shy” and didn’t answer my sis.
Itchy Mouth Me:  Mummy pretty?
Zai: No.
Itchy Mouth Me:  Huh? Then who pretty?
Zai: YiYi

So if my sis is ugly but prettier than me… It means… *thunder*

It was also yesterday, we were preparing to go to my mum place. Zai suddenly says “MeeMee wear dress”. I was a little shock cause I have never heard him use the word “dress”. But he clearly repeats himself “MeeMee wear dress. Zai wear t-shirt”. More shock, cause normally he will just say shirt and pants. Its the first time I hear him say “t-shirt” so specifically. My only guess is he learned that in school. But naughty Mummy told the boy that Mummy cannot wear dress when she is out with him. Because she needs to carry him and chase after him. (I actually see the boy give a puzzled look.) I repeated that Mummy wear dress to work. But when we are out with him its not convenient to wear a dress. He continues with his puzzled look. Oh well, I guess it will take sometime before he understands why.

Anyway, I saw this photo that his teacher took last week in school.

Zai in Dress

Well it confirms that he learn the word from school. And co-incidentally, I “donated” this dress to the school when they are asking for unwanted clothing for their dressing up corner. Never would I have imagined my son wearing it. 😛

Too Dark

When I travel with Zai in Chubby’s car, I will normally read to him to help “pass time”. So a few months back when we were in the car, still in the carpark, Zai insists that I read the book to him. I told him “No, its too dark”. He didn’t understand it then. So when we reached the open space where its brighter I told him “Its not dark anymore, we can read”.

So the following week when we were in the car he told me “Too Dark Too Dark, cannot read book”. I was pleasantly surprise and I told him “Yes. Too dark cannot read book”. When we reach the first floor, he says “Oh, on the lights already. Can read book”…


As you all know, Zai loves to swim. But the weather these days are erratic. So last Saturday afternoon, when we were going out to VW showroom, Zai thought we are going swimming. He say “Swimming Pool?” and started to nod his head. (He always ask a question and answer it himself by “nodding his head”. Especially when he wants certain things. Like he will say “Teletubbies” and start to nod his head, when he wants to watch it on my phone and he knows that I don’t like him to watch too much “Teletubbies”) I told him, “No its raining so cannot go swimming, must wait for the rain to stop”.

The next day when it rains, he suddenly says “Raining. Cannot go swimming pool”.

Ah~ he is just adorable at this stage.


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