Little One Reading in June 2012

Time for reading!




I think I was quite lucky to borrow this books in a series. You can flip into the pages in between and hold it in front of your face and it works like a mask. The pages inside are different types of animals with a one liner “describing” the animal. Like a smart fox, etc. Zai loves it when I hold the book up for him and he will try to put over his face too. But he didn’t realize that he should do it the other way in order for me to see the animal. I also tried asking him what is the animal in Chinese. But he always ended answering in English. I will then repeat it in Chinese for him. But oh well, at least he understands the question in Chinese.

〇岁宝宝书. 蘑菇在哪里

This book asks the child to “spot” where is the object. Like they will show pictures of 4 different houses and ask where is the mushroom? I tried playing with Zai he is not interested. So in the end I “read” the book to Loi, describing the pictures and also “acting” why the picture looks different. Example “Woah, why is the roof made of mushroom?” Well, the challenge (for me) was to describe them in Chinese.

Whose feet

“Whose Feet” is a lift-the-flap book. Basically, it shows the feet of different animals and reveals the animals when the flap is lifted. Zai has no problem identifying the animals since a part of their bodies will also be shown.

Wheels on the bus

This is the first book Zai childcare introduced to the kids earlier in the year. And Zai is no stranger to this song as I have been singing to him since he was much younger. I use to only sing about the wheel, the wipers, the horns and the children. This book have more “things” involved.

What can Spot see

For this book, the page will show Spot doing or about to do an activity. Like looking out of the window or preparing for school. So the kids can turn the wheel to see what Spot is seeing at the window or bringing to school. Zai was initially quite interested with the book. But the difficulty in turning the wheel soon put him off and he doesn’t want to continue with the book. Instead, I thought it is quite a good book for Loi. Because of all the pictures on the wheel, I can describe them to her. And she finds it interesting to watch me “turn” the wheel.

Spot’s first numbers

Spot’s first colours

This two Spot “first” book is obviously for Loi. Its a simple “touch and feel” book introducing numbers and colors. In fact it will also teaches some objects like apple and shoes.

Spot’s first Easter

Spot’s birthday party

Spot goes to the farm

Spot adventures continues! Spot goes around finding the eggs hidden by the bunny during his first Easter. Basically teaches the concept of under, inside, etc. While Spots goes finding the eggs, I asked Zai to “spot” the bunny on the pages.

“Spot’s Birthday Party” shows spots going around the house to look for his friends who is playing hide and seek with him. Again it teaches the concept of “inside, under, behind” etc. After reading this book, Zai tells me “Dog eat bone”.

Spot’s Daddy brought spot to the farm in the “Spot Goes to the Farm” book. This book teaches the name of the baby animals. Like “chicks, piglets, kittens”. Zai has no problem with the “adult” animals. But has yet to understand that baby animals sometimes have other names.

Little Bear

A touch and feel book meant for Loi but ended up reading to Zai. Little bear is walking through the forest to find his friend for a picnic. Along the way he spotted different things in the forest. As with touch and feel book, the book teaches how each item feels.

Lily’s potty

Lily is looking for her potty to do her business. Borrowed the book hoping that it will somehow drill into Zai the need to go toilet when he wants to do his business rather than doing it on the diaper. But well, not successful yet.

All fall down

When I last read this book to Zai he was still quite young. Probably didn’t understand the book much. But this time round, he enjoys it a lot! He will exclaim when the babies is just wearing diaper and not their pants. Or when one of the baby diaper is showing. He will follow the actions of turning round and all. And of course his favourite is when he will jump on the mattress and says “All Fall Down”!


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