The Hunger Games Trilogy

Spoiler Alert!

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I actually finish reading them like a month back, so I hope I can still remember what I want to blog about. I admit I started reading these because of the raving about the movie and from a colleague who told me that its a really nice book. She finish reading the trilogy over a weekend. So I was tempted. And the best part came when my sis manage to borrow the book from the colleague. I get to read for free, why not right?

Well, basically the book is set in the future where a war has broken out in the present and the country is now divided into the capitol and 13 districts. The people in the capitol are rich while those in the 13 districts are poor. So there was an uprising started by district 13. District 13 lost the war and was eliminated. So leaving with just 12 district. And to avoid such an uprising from happening again, they make the district conform to strict rules and make them really poor. So that survival is on their mind rather than other things. And there is also a Hunger Game which is organised every year. And each district is to offer one girl and one boy as their tribute. The tributes have to fight it out in the game just so only 1 of them will survive.

Naturally, the girl who is the main lead, won the game. If not how the book continues to be a trilogy right? So slowly the book progresses and soon it leads to an uprising against the capitol in the next two books. No details here as I don’t intend to add too much spoiler in it.

Well, the first book was really engaging. I finish reading pretty fast. The next two books were a little slower.  I think how she survives in the game was really engaging and whether is there any mind games involved. When it comes to the uprising, the progress of the book were a little slower. And her “love life” seems to take over a fair bit too, which is quite tiring as it keeps on going in circles. So I will give a high rating for the first book and an average rating for the other two. But you will have to read all three books to have a closure and know the ending of her “love life”.


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