Precious Moments with Zai (@ 27 Mths)

I kinda like the stage my boy is in now. Cause he is developing leaps and bounds now. And is not “corrupted” by norms, hence is quite creative in his play. Here are some adorable moments with him recently.

Moment 1: Reversed Roles 
I was showing him “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on YouTube on my iPhone. And there is a link to some Teletubbies video on the page when the video finishes. I failed to notice it and the sharp eye boy was very quick to notice and clicked onto the link. To avoid a scene in the car I allow him to watch (a big mistake I must admit).

So when we were on our way back he ranted “MeeMee fone” again. So the tired MeeMee allowed him to watch. And he requested for TVTubbies (I had a hard time making out what he was trying to say. But it’s his fav so the boy was quite persistent). I just randomly chose a video and he told me no, he wants the one where they were cooking (Goodness, still have demands). Found it and he started watching.

Half way through he asked “Teletubbies where?”.
I replied “I don’t know where. We have to wait for them to come out again.”
And he replied “Teletubbies inside.” and pointed to a grass patch “cave”.
And true enough they were inside. He didn’t ask because he don’t know, but to test and play with me. Like how I asked him when we read books (especially those with flips). Since when has our roles reversed?

Moment 2: Don’t bluff me
We were at my parents place, my boy was sitting on my lap and looking at videos from school. He saw the cordless phone on the table and started playing with it.

I took another phone which is exactly the same but not working and told him “Zai you play with this”
He took over that phone and started pressing. After a while, he said “MeeMee no battery”
Opps its so difficult to “bluff” my boy these days.

Moment 3: Too Young
Zai saw Chubby drinking Yalkut…

He says “Zai drink Yalkut.. Zai drink Yalkut..”
Chubby told him that he can only drink after he packs up his toy.
Again the boy got distracted while keeping. And Chubby went to hide while Zai went away.
Zai couldn’t find his dad and started exclaiming “My Yalkut My Yalkut” while running around looking for Daddy.
Finally he found him. At the same time MeiMei crawled out from the room. So Chubby told Zai “Oh.. Zai didn’t keep his toys so MeiMei going to drink.
Zai “No.. MeiMei cannot drink”
Chubby “Why MeiMei cannot drink?”
Zai “MeiMei too young. MeiMei drink milk”

He is “fast”. We told him a few times MeiMei is young and she has no teeth. So she cannot eat somethings. But we never told him before that she is too young for his Yalkut or for his biscuits. But we have heard him use it a few times. But I’m glad he relates that instead of drinking Yalkut, MeiMei can drink milk. 🙂

Well.. Hope we will have some other “cute” moments soon!


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