This is an overdue post. We went to the Zoo two Saturdays ago. Only manage to find time to blog about it now.

Thanks to my colleague K who applied for our company corporate Zoo pass, but in the end couldn’t make it but is willing to share the pass out to J and me. I took the pass and went to the Zoo with Chubby and the kids. Since the pass admits 4 pax and its still free for both Zai and Loi, we asked E and C along with their boy Junior E, which they gamely joined.

We met E and C at around 0930 but by the time we finished our breakfast (with the uncooperative Zai and Loi), we only manage to step into the Zoo at about 1015. The first thing that met us were some stalls that they setup. And one of them is the hand painting.

Hand Painting @ Zoo

It was only $2 and the money is a form of donation to wild life. So we asked Zai if he is interested. We were pretty surprise that he is willing to sit there and let the JieJie draw on his hand. As seen, we chose giraffe. Its quite interesting because his four fingers will act as the giraffe leg. So when he moves it looks like the giraffe is moving. E and C also attempt to let Junior E do a hand painting, but he was afraid of the JieJie and dare not leave his hand for her to draw. I think generally that Zai is used to this as his teachers in school will sometime draw on his hand. I have seen him coming home with bears, strawberry, etc.

Oh and we rented the wagon again since we have two kids in tow again.

Refusing to share the wagon

You know there is a Chinese saying “一山不能藏二虎”, the two little tiger boys refuse to share the wagon together. As seen in the pic, Zai refuses to sit in the wagon when he sees that Junior E is already inside. So we thought we wasted the money again in renting it. But later it was put to good use. 😛

Since we were already late, we decide not to take the “normal” route where the first stop is the buaya. We went the other way cause we know that Zai will be sleepy by 12pm. So we wish to reach the water playground before that.

So after the a short walk and seeing a few “monkeys” (to Zai he only knows monkey and it doesn’t help that I myself is not familiar with the different species) we reached the Elephant area. Since, the show is about to start in half an hour time, and this is the only show we missed the previous time we were here, we decide to stay put and grab a good spot for the show.

Father and Son waiting for the Elephant Show

As expected the kids couldn’t stand the waiting. So both Daddies went to bring their son for a walk while the Mummies stay and wait.

Mummy and Loi Waiting for Elephant Show

Finally have a chance to take a proper photo with Loi, thanks to C!

More Waiting for Elephant Show

Soon the kids were back and there were more waiting. And E bought back two bottles of Ribena and kindly gave one to us. Our boy was very fast to move towards Auntie C when she sees it. This boy is so easy to bribe.

I think Zai really enjoyed the Elephant show. Although when he was watching the show, he didn’t have much reaction, but I found out that he was actually observing and remembering. Cause while on the way home from the Zoo and till now, he will keep on repeating to me the scenes he saw in the elephant show. Like how the elephant threw the man’s hat into the water, how the elephant poo-ed in the water, etc. He will attempt to form a sentence by telling me “Elephant throw .. into water”. And whenever he sees images of Elephants, he will be very anxious to tell me about the elephant throwing “things” into the water again.

Finally Two in the Wagon

After the Elephant show, we immediately move off to find the water playground, cause the time is running late. We finally manage to put the two kids into the wagon by telling Zai that Uncle E will give him the Ribena if he sits inside with Junior E. Hahaha. This pic is taken when we reached the water playground! The two of them were eyeing the playground with interest already.

No photos for the water playground as I was not with them and was busy tending to Loi. I heard from Chubby that Zai went to try the water slide minutes after he got in. And he enjoyed it alot. Initially we were afraid of how to get him out from his water play. But I guess its kinda of fortunate that we reach near his nap time. And he keep asking Chubby to carry him after like half an hour into the play. That’s when Chubby knows that he is sleepy. So we changed him and regretted that we should have did the hand painting while going out and not while coming in. Cause after this water play, his giraffe was gone. I thought of doing it again when we exit. But…

Zai Sleeping in Wagon

Yes, the boy fell asleep before we even reach the exit. He was dozing off in the wagon, I spotted it and told Chubby to transfer him to the stroller while I carry Loi. But Chubby put down the seats of the wagon instead and told Zai to sleep inside, which he gamely did. So we pulled him out of the Zoo while he sleeps in the wagon. And this attracted some attention from other visitors of the Zoo. And yes we couldn’t get his hand painted again.

He slept all the way until we adjourned to Woodlands for our lunch. He woke up, requested to eat noodle and Chubby ordered Soba for him. But when the food arrives, he doesn’t want the Soba and pointed to the Udon that C was eating. So we ordered a mini Udon for him again.

That ends our trip to the Zoo. Well I certainly will want to bring him there more often, seeing that he is able to enjoy watching the animals now. As for Loi it will be sometime before she can really understand. Nonetheless its good to bring her outdoor for the exposure. 🙂


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