Loi @ 8 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Says “dada” and “mama” to both parents (isn’t specific)
    I have heard her says “Bababababa”. But I’m not sure if she is calling us or just making noise. Somehow both my kids speech development is slower eh.
  • Begins to crawl
    Yup. Months ago.
  • Passes object from hand to hand
    Well I guess so. Cause sometime I will see her fiddling around with her teether toy.

Emerging Skills

  • Stands while holding onto something
    Yup since he turn 7 months
  • Crawls well
    She can crawl at a “high speed” now. Or rather she can creep. Somehow both my kids are not on their all fours
  • Points at objects
    Nope, not observed to happen

Advanced Skills

  • Pulls self to standing position, cruises around furniture while holding on
    Pulls herself yes as mention since she turn 7 months. And I do notice that she can stand more stable now. But have not since her walking around while holding on. Guess I need to encourage her to do that.
  • Picks things up with thumb-finger “pincer” grasp
    Nope. Fine motor skills again not as well developed
  • Indicates wants with gestures
    Nope. Indicates with crying!

The little girl has not sleep through yet. And is still on random wake up times. Although this week its just twice. But we need to monitor the pattern for a few more days to confirm. And when she wakes she doesn’t go back to sleep until she is nursed. And this two nights was worst. She was nursed to sleep, but when I got up to go back to my bed, she cries and refuse to go to bed until I nurse her again. And when I give her back the same side, she continues to cry and will only stop if I feed her on the other side. I wonder is it my supply have dropped or she is experiencing a growth spurt.

She has started on more solid food. We have let her try apples, breads, Chee Kuei, wassants, fish and porridge. My mom gave a small bite on the Kiwi also without knowing that she shouldn’t feed babies kiwi. But I told her after that and anyway she also just give a very very small piece and recall she better check with us. I have also let her “chew” on some japanese rice when we were out at the restaurants. Just one or two grain each time. Not sure if I should actually do that cause her body system may not be ready to digest the rice. So I think I better not give her rice the next time.

She also randomly recognizes strangers. She will cry when these strangers approach her or carried her. But again, sometimes she allow “strangers” to carry her. So I think she is quite random. We don’t use to experience that with our boy. I don’t know is it because we brought her out less often as our boy. Or its just a trait. I think she is an introvert like me, while her bro is an extrovert like his dad.

And some other randomness.. Most nights when I reach home, she will smile at me when she sees me. But there were nights where she just look and didn’t give me her megawatt smile. Even if I try to make her laugh, she will appear uninterested. Hmm.. I think this lady will be a hard to please next time.

Oh and she loves to act as if she is very pitiful in front of me. That day we brought them out to my cousin’s wedding. She was placed between my parents in a high chair. As expected, she started to get sleepy at around 9pm which is her bed time. And started to make noise indicating she wants to get out. My father carried her out. She stopped her noise to look around but was restless again after a while. And she refuses to let my father carry her to sleep. I was busy tending to our boy so I didn’t have much time for her. And when my boy got out to play with his dad, I turn around and saw her. She was in my father arms. When she sees me looking, her face immediately start to change. From a normal look to pouting to having tears in her eyes. Oh my she is a trained actress. Hahahaha.

She is in such an adorable stage now but I still feel I didn’t spend enough time with her. And I’m still trying to make an effort to read to her without her brothers’ disturbance. That is really hard. So I sometimes feel sorry for her that she can’t have my undivided attention.


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