Stubborn Boy

I have a really stubborn boy. Yesterday we went out to Vivo for dinner. And I was looking after the boy. All was fine until about 9pm+ he starts to get restless. And it doesn’t help that my own energy level is depleting at a fast rate after a whole day at work and looking after him for the past 2.5hrs. So while walking from the hypermarket to the DIY stall to look for Chubby, the boy miss a step and sat on the floor. But instead of standing up and making his way out, he lied on the floor! I have no choice but to carry him up and pull my very tired body to go look for chubby.

Outside of Giant, he saw the kiddy rides. So I let him sit on them as I know it will be another wrestle if I were to bring him to the DIY stall. So he hopped from one ride to another. Along the way asking me to put money, which I rejected. Telling him I have no coins. Finally, Chubby was out and my MIL has finally appear and we can make our way home!

While walking back to our car, he slip and sat on the floor again. And he repeated his act of lying on the floor. I scolded him and Chubby scooped him up quickly. And Chubby asked him to apologize but he refuses.

So when we reach the car he requested for my phone but I ignored him. He probably knew I was still angry so he didn’t persist but went on to fool around in the car. I ignored him again. My MIL then took him to her and asked him to apologize. Again he refuse. This continued until we reach home. He was visibly tired so he went to bed still without apologizing to me.

This morning when he woke up, I was still home. Again I asked him to apologize. He refuses and even say “Don’t want”. I was angry. I threaten him with no toys today. And took the toys that he was playing from him. He cried but still refuse to apologize. And went running to his daddy. Chubby took a step further and say he will keep all the toys until he apologize. Still he refuses and just cried louder when the packing starts. I carried him into my arms so he can’t chase after his daddy and also to stop him from crying. Still he refuses to apologize. Chubby left us alone for a while and I told him to give me a hug and kiss, follow by an apology. He hugged reluctantly and gave a kiss. But still refuses to apologize.

Chubby came out and he ran to him. Again Chubby asked him to apologize but the stubborn boy refuses. Chubby asked him to ask me for the toys, he refuses to look at me. Obviously angry with me. I cave in. I asked him to give me one more kiss. And he refuses this time. Still clinging on to Daddy.

I have to leave for work as I’m already late. So he got away with it again. *Sigh* this is the 2nd time. Previous time he also got away with a hug and kiss. I know it’s no good that I didn’t persist. But how to deal with this stubborn boy?


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