Zai @ 27 Months

Development milestone from BabyCenter

Physical Development
He definitely is able to stack blocks. And have a joy stacking them and then pushing them over. He can squeals with joy or simply go “Oh Oh” when it gets knocked over. Turning of pages is as easy. Somehow his fine motor skills are not as good. I think maybe because my boy is just no patient enough. However, he does enjoy walking on “lines” or on “planks”. He always walk on the “wooden bench” which is at the exercise corner in the park near our flat. And will proceed to jump down from it when he reaches the end.

Controlling impulses and negative behavior
Well, we have heard from his teacher that he does push his friend from time to time. Not an alarm but we do not condone such behavior. So we will still “nag” at him when he gets back home. But just the other day, while Zai was playing in a playground in T3, a little boy pushed him and Zai fell onto the ground. Lucky he wasn’t hurt, and my boy was prone to falling. So he didn’t cry but continue to play. What disgusted Chubby and Me is that, the boy father was standing very far away. And I don’t know if he is not looking or simply don’t give a shit, cause he didn’t come forward to check on our boy or ask his son to apologize. *sigh*

As for controlling his tantrum, it is still there on and off. Just the other day we give him a good “punishment”. We were about to go out for our swim, but he still didn’t want to keep his toys. Time and again I brought him to his toy. I thought I did see him wanting to keep. But somehow when he approach the toys, he will either start playing with them or sweep them around. I got so angry that I told him if he is not keeping, he will be left at home. So we continue with our preparation while the boy just walk around the house with his swimming gear. I refuse to change him. When we wear our slippers and got out of the house he starts to panic and wants to join us. But we told him to go keep his toys. He still just stand there crying and refusing to keep. Chubby went in to calm him down and still he doesn’t want to keep his toy and just want to get out of the house and swim. Chubby again left him in the house while he walks out. And he cries even harder. It pains our heart but we have to really teach him a lesson. After a while, Chubby walks back in again. Calm him down and asked him to keep his toys. This time round he really put in effort to do it. I was standing from a far so I couldn’t really see everything that went on. But I see him “running” around packing up. I was glad we insisted. I hope that will teach him a lesson.

Making rules make sense
Well, as mention above he doesn’t obey to all rules set out to him. However, he does know some like I have heard him say “Cannot Play Fire”. My MIL teaches him that he can’t open the door to “big bad wolf”. But I wonder if he understands that “big bad wolf” can be anybody.

Intense Concentration
I have heard from Chubby that his school teachers commented that Zai can be stacking blocks for a long period of time. Some how he enjoys that is is able to concentrate on building it higher and higher. But only for certain activities.

Zai @ 27 Months. Just woke up from his nap.

2 thoughts on “Zai @ 27 Months

  1. I had some teething problems in the beginning when I had to teach my son to keep his toys after his play, or when going out or before sleep. Initially, he would cry and cry and refused to do so and I had to resort to using the cane. I had showed him before on keeping his toys and also kept together with him, so when he refuses, it can lead into a battle. But persevere in training him and in due time, he will keep when you ask him to! 🙂

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