Zai Precious Moment: 5 Minute

Zai’s learning ability is improving so much these days that he always surprises us on what can come out from his mouth. This is an example:

Chubby: Good Morning Zai. Come lets go brush teeth.
Zai: No. Zai no need brush teeth. (Walks off and wants to watch TV)

Its “cute” how he uses “no need” instead of “don’t want”. Like he is in control. But of course we do “catch” him back to brush his teeth.

And this happened yesterday night. Zai was sitting in the living room watching his favorite Maisy Mouse on TV.

Chubby (asking from our room): Zai, you want your milk already? (Read: Time for bed)
Zai: 5 minute.
(Chubby and I were stunned and we looked at each other. We both thought we heard wrongly, when he replied again.)
Zai: 5 minute

We had a good laugh (quietly) when we were in our room. Cause his reply was so adorable. He learned this tactic from my MIL. Whenever, my MIL needs him to wait, she will tell him “5 minute”. A simple just “5 minute”. Nothing in front nothing behind the sentence, cause my MIL does not really speak English. And most time she will just repeat it a few times like “5 minute. 5 minute huh”. I know Zai understands “wait”, cause when we told him to wait at the top of the slide at the pool, he understood. But we just didn’t think he will use “5 minute” instead of “wait” in this case, since he doesn’t really understand ‘time’ yet.

Although we know we shouldn’t encourage such behavior, but we did give him 5 more minutes of TV before asking him to go to bed. Just for being adorable. 😛



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