Swim @ Tessensohn CSC

We brought the kids out for a swim at Tessensohn yesterday. It was an achievement for us since it’s the first time we brought them swimming on our own. We usually went with my SIL and MIL, who can help us out during the bath time. Buy yesterday they weren’t free to join us plus we feel the boy needs a swim. The last time we visited the pool it was about a month ago.

Anyway, this is the 3rd time we went there. The previous two times, I forgot my phone. Hence no photos. This time round, some to share.

Floating Zai

Zai had a fun time making himself “float”. But he is more apprehensive now, and dare not just jump into the adult pool. However, he stills jumps into this kids pool since he can touch the ground. But I was a little scared that he might bump his head.

Frog Slide

That’s Zai at the mouth of the slide looking at Chubby who has helped him up. You bet this is the highlight of the pool for him.

Well, so how did we solve the bathing problem. Our initial plan is to let Zai swim first while Loi and I watch. And it turns out well cause Loi fell asleep on the way there. So when it’s about time, Chubby will bring Zai for his bath while I swim with Loi for a little while more before bathing her. Then I will bring Loi for her bath and pass her back to Chubby when she’s done. And it’s my turn to bathe.

Loi Sleeping by the Pool

But well the plan didn’t turn out as expected. Cause Zai refuse to get out of water. And I have already let Loi go for her swim as I don’t want to reach home late as a result Zai missed his meal time and goes straight for his nap. Plus the water was cold although it was a hot day. I think the reason is the pool is in a sheltered area (one of the reason I prefer this pool is because of the shelter, no worries about the sun damaging their skin). So I didn’t let Loi swim long. She was out of the pool before Zai.

So I put out stuff on the pram while I carried Loi to the toilet. I bathe her first and I was lucky that there is a little sitting area inside each cubicle. So I place her there when I help her put on the diaper. After she is done, I place our bags on the sitting area, place her on the pram and pushed the whole pram into the cubicle while I bathe! I thank god that the cubicles were just large enough for my pram to get in without being splashed wet.

So while I bathe I continue to engage Loi attention so that she won’t get bored and start screaming to get out. Of course I only took a quick shower mainly to wash away the pool water and change. Maybe it’s the first time Loi sees me having a bath, so she actually look at me with interest. Ha.

I guess after this round we will be more confident in bringing the two kids for a swim on our own. 🙂 so how do you all manage at the pool with toddlers?


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