Review: Seimpi Music

This is NOT a sponsored review.

We have been thinking of bringing Zai for some music lessons before he turn 2. This is because we see that he shows interest in music and movement. However, I scouted around and most places only accept kids 3 years and above and a few 2 years and above. So we decide to push back the plan till he turns 2. So a few weeks back I posted on SMB asking for music schools review and one of the names that came out was Seimpi Music. So off we went to the Funan branch for his first trial class.

According to the website, the class is meant for 2 years and above and is designed to improve the brain developments of the kids. However for Chubby and Me, we just wanted Zai to have fun and develop an interest in it. (Hence we never think of sending him to kindermusik, where they are required to do HOMEWORK)

Anyway, the trial we went is an actual class that have started weeks back. I thought it was a pretty good idea cos I really get to see how a normal class is like and not a “model” class. We were a little late so the class has already started when we arrive.

Basically the class was conducted using the song “Clap Along with Me”. But they will be doing different stuff using the song. Example, they will “ride” on the parents leg, tap their head, shoulders, knees and toes. They also get to shake the egg shaker with the music or tap on the tambourine. I think this is a really good song to teach rhythm. (Chubby took over for the 2nd part of the class, but I heard its more or less similar)

Zai enjoyed the class a fair bit, although he was a little shy. However, he was able to follow thru most of the instructions and enjoyed the ride on my legs. He was smiling away. But it wasn’t his usual noisy giggles.

We didn’t sign up in the end. Cause Chubby felt that the class wasn’t “structured” enough. I thought this comment coming from him is a little surprising since I’m always the structured one. Plus I felt its ok that it isn’t so structured for a creative play. But I think I kinda get what Chubby is trying to say. You won’t exactly say that the class is messy but probably the flow wasn’t there. But maybe it’s difficult for 2 year old kids.

Chubby 2nd reason is what I totally agree with him. There are two kids in the class (of 5 including Zai) who is really disruptive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming them or the parent or helper (yes! One of the adult accompanying is a helper. And she have to take care of 2 in the class! I wonder where is the parents.) They are after all just 2. I’m sure when my boy get familiarize with the environment he will be equally disruptive. So we conclude they are a little too young for the class now. Maybe when he turns 2.5 or 3 years old we will trial at another place again.

Chubby felt that we wasted $30+ but I thought it was a good experience. We never try we will never know. And I don’t want to deny my boy with anything. Plus I did pick up a few activities I can do with my boy now. He particularly likes the riding one. We will do it at night and he even request MeiMei to ride with him (Oh my poor legs).

So till then I will continue to hunt around and see if there is any he can attend when he gets older. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Review: Seimpi Music

  1. Thanks for this! My son loves music too… but I think right now (he is 16 months) his attention span is not long enough for him to fully enjoy the lesson.

    So I guess we’ll wait till he turns three, and see if he’s still interested in music still by then 🙂

    1. Hi Regina, you are most welcome. And yup their attention span tends to increase much better after they turn 2. But I think its still not long enough for the classes.

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