Loi @ 7 months

Mastered Skills

  • Sits without support
    Well I guess so. But not for very long since she will tend to lurch forward.

    Loi Sitting on her own @ 7 Months
  • Reaches for things with a sweeping motion
    Hmm.. Yes I guess. Depending on how “sweeping motion” is classified. When she can’t reach it, she will swipe but not horizontally.
  • Imitates speech sounds
    Yes. Mostly Ah(s) and Ya(s)

Emerging Skills

  • Combines syllables to into wordlike sounds
    Nope. Somehow my kids are slower in speech development
  • Begins to crawl or lunges forward
    Yes. As mention she can creep since 5 months plus

Advanced Skills

  • Stands while holding onto something
    Yes. She has been trying since she is 6 months 2 weeks plus. But only manage to really stand quite well the week she turn 7 months. She started off pulling herself up from the cot side bars. When we pulled up the bar, she was quite frustrated initially, but soon overcome the hurdle and manage to pull herself up even with the side bar lifted.

    Loi Standing @ 7 Months
  • Waves goodbye
    Nope. She at most can do a Hi-Five.
  • Bangs object together
    Nope. Haven’t since her do that before. Now mostly she will just take whatever she fancies and stuff it into her mouth. So we gotta be really careful.

Loi is at 7 months already. But she still haven’t shown any signs that she might sleep through. She mostly still need to wake up twice in a night. At 1am+ and 4 am+. But the weird thing is she is able to sleep from 4am without a feed till about 7am or 8am. And only gets her feed at 9am after her morning bath. And when we feed her she still won’t drink everything at one go. Preferring to break them up into small feeds spanning across the hour.

I think she also didn’t like Rice Cereal very much. Cause when we feed her milk mixed with rice cereal, she will tend not to finish them. However, if it is pure breastmilk she will be able to finish them all and most time at one go.

My dad has also let her tried “sucking” onto banana. And she loves it. And manage to bite a pretty big piece, which sent panic across my mum and me that she might choke. Luckily, she spits it out instead of trying to swallow it in. I’m still thinking of letting her try the bottled puree fruits, but I couldn’t find the time. Actually I can let my MIL do it, but I wish to be there when it happens. So I’m delaying (opps). I hope I will be able to do it this weekend. Plus this few days my milk supply have dropped I think from lack of sleep (Loi is down with flu and isn’t sleeping well at night). So I might need to look for alternative food source for her.


2 thoughts on “Loi @ 7 months

  1. Oh so cute! The classic ‘I’m standing so what’s the big deal’ look haha. My girls also didnt sleep through the night until much later too.. hang in there! =)

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