Little Ones Reading in April and May 2012

Ah with two babies, the number of books I can borrow with 3 cards is really not enough. Maybe I should rope in Chubby’s card.

Spot says goodnight
Spot goes to the beach
Spot bakes a cake

After the past few months, I realize that Zai likes “Spot” series of book. So this month, I saw two more new titles and decides to borrow for him. Maybe recently he is into singing happy birthday song and “blowing” candle, so his favorite among these three is “Spot bakes a cake”. As for “Spot Goes to the Beach” I borrowed because I realize that Zai has torn one of the flap from the book. But I have already returned the book without realizing it a week before I make the borrowing. So I went back to hunt and manage to find the book. So I borrowed it again and actually brought the “torn” flap to the librarian and asked her to “repair” it. 😛

Anyway, the “Spot says goodnight” is about Spot’s routine before he goes to bed. As the title suggest, saying goodnight to everybody including his toys. So I use the book to teach Zai he needs to say good night to us too. As for “Spot bakes a cake”, its about Spot together with his mum bakes a cake for his Daddy’s birthday. And Zai knows its a chocolate cake cause they went to buy chocolates. So when he reaches the page where they were shopping for ingredients, he will say “Oh~ chocolates”. (Cute la~ my boy)

In the Night Garden: Peek-a-boo

After last month “In the Night Garden”, I borrowed another book from the series for him. But he is not really interested in this book. He only flip it once or twice so I can’t remember what the book is about. *opps*

Where are Maisy’s friends

How can we miss out his favorite Maisy right? Zai is starting to pick up Maisy’s friends name from the shows. He knows the elephant is call “Eddie”, the crocodile is “Charley”, the squirrel is “Cyril” and the chick is “Tallulah” (although he can’t quite pronounce Tallulah). But his interest on this book is also only so-so.

Maisy Fire Engine

Well, Maisy and Cyril didn’t put out fire in this book. Instead, they safe a cat from a rooftop I think. After introducing Zai to the concept of “Fireman” I’m thinking of bringing him to the fire station open house.

My Circus

This is for Loi. Basically it just labels thing things you can see in a circus. Didn’t get the interest of both kids.

LIttle Scholastic – Shapes
Little Scholastic – Colors

Obviously, these are for Loi too. It s a touch and feel book, so I let Loi sit on my lap and feel the book. But she is not so interested and mainly just want to bite on them. However, his brother seems to like it better. He is able to name all the animals in the ‘Colors’ book, although he can’t say out the color yet. And has no problem with the shapes too except for ‘rectangle’, which he can’t quite differentiate it from square yet. I like the way he pronounce triangle and rectangle. He says it like “try-angle” and “rect-angle”. There will be a break in between the words. (Cute la~ my boy again)

Little Scholastic – Welcome summer

A book for Loi, but yet again, Zai loves it very much. The book is about the activities the girl did during summer. From blowing bubbles to playing water. And the book ends with her father wrapping her up in towel after the water play. When I was describing the cover to Zai I told him its a “JieJie” playing with water. And since then, he called the book “JieJie”. And he will go “Oh~ Bubble Bubble”. When I introduce the grass on the first page, which he can “feel”, he also repeated after me. But I think he likes the part about the father wrapping up the girl with the towel the best. I don’t know if it is because of DeeDee or because he sees the girl being wrapped with a towel when he flip the flap.

Begin Smart Quack Quack

This books shows the different animals and the sound they make. Its meant for Loi, but again Zai enjoys it more. Whenever the book is being pick, he will sing “Ee I Ee I O”. Meaning, he is requesting me to sing the book to the “Old Macdonald” rhymes. So some how Old Macdonald’s rear some fishes in his farm too. Weird, but who cares? Its all in the name of fun.

The Three Little Pigs

Zai calls this book “Big Bad Wolf”. Both the kids enjoy the book pretty much. Loi gets to “feel” the book and have me “blowing” at her when the “Big Bad Wolf” huff and puff. Zai enjoys the story and he can remember the part about the “blowing” and the “Big Bad Wolf” going into the “hot water” over the “fire”, covering his backside (he will mimic the wolf and cover his backside like in the picture) and shout “ouch ouch”.

Hands are not for hitting

I have borrowed the Chinese version of this book before. This time round I wanted to borrow the English version so as to drive into Zai the fact that he is not to use his hands and hit other people. But he is not interested. Its okie, I will try again the next time.

Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed

Zai is learning this story in school and will come home and recite it while jumping on the bed. So when I saw it in the library, I borrowed it for him. Hoping he can recite them with me. But surprisingly, he is not interested. Every time I bring out the book, he will say “不要monkey”.

Five Little Ducks

I borrowed this because his teacher was sharing with us that we can read books with “repetition” to our boy. So I thought this book fits the criteria. And yes, the boy loves this book. I think because of the colorful drawing as well. I like the part when I will say “When mother duck says..” he will follow up with “quack quack quack quack”. He is also able to say the last few words of each sentence. And he really likes the last page where all the little ducks are back home at the dining table. He will say “All duck duck eat apple pie”, “All duck duck drink milk” and “All duck duck sleep”. He learn the word “Apple Pie” from the book. 😛


I’m not sure if I should post this three books here. Cause Zai is really not interested in them. I barely got pass page one of the last two books. And only manage to ‘force’ read once or twice the ‘奶奶和宝宝’. I decide not to force him too much in reading Chinese books for fear it will have the side effects of him disliking Chinese and also kill his interest in reading. I just have to continue my hunt for other Chinese books. Cause he did take interest in some.

Much to my delight, Chubby has started reading to Zai while they are on their way to school. So Zai has more “reading” time now. Unlike in the past few months, he only reads when I’m in the car with him. Loi is still young (I hope), I wish she will find the joy in reading too. 🙂


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