Zai @ 26 Months

My boy has grown again. I’m still very much awed by what he can pick up day in day out. His favorite “song” and book now is “5 Little Ducks”. He can say all the last word of each sentence and knows when to say “Quack Quack Quack”. 🙂

Mastered Skills

  • Takes off clothes
    Hmm, didn’t really let him try. I know he can take off his own pants, and also arms out from the tees. But I haven’t really see him pull his shirt off his neck.
  • Names several body parts
    No issues. His vocab is increasing at a great speed these days. And will also pick up words we attempt to teach him by repeating after us.
  • Builds a tower out of three or four building bricks
    His favorite activities. He can build very tall tower and likes to do it.  And he will sometimes push the tower and let it fall and say “Oh dear / Oh Oh”. My, he is so adorable.

Emerging Skills

  • Washes and dries hands
    Hmm to wash it definitely. But sometime he will squeeze so much soap that he doesn’t rinse it off properly. Drying is also no issue since its taught in school months ago.
  • Brushes teeth with help
    Yup. He can do the action but I doubt its “clean”, cause he always only brush the front part. And he wouldn’t let us help him that is the headache part.
  • Puts on clothes
    With help. That day he just tried putting on his own shorts. In the end he got both leg in the same hole and came to me whining. Hahaha.. it was so cute
  • Speaks clearly most of the time
    I think so. But there is still this word that I haven’t catch what he is trying to say. He will say it almost every night. Its “MiMi something” but I couldn’t catch what that something is. When I ask him to bring me to what he wants to do, he can’t really point it out to me.
  • Throws a ball overarm
    Yes. Just this few days he started loving his ball. Keep on throwing it. Sometimes it hit MeiMei too.

Advanced Skills

  • Speaks clearly all the time
  • Draws vertical line
    Don’t think so too.

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