Kiwi Fruit

This little incident happened yesterday night. My MIL wanted to feed my boy some Kiwi fruits. She sliced the Kiwi into half and intend to use a spoon to feed him. But the boy choose to be funny and decides to “suck” at the fruit directly. So happily he took half the fruit (with the skin still intact) and start sucking on it. My MIL afraid that he will bite into the skin, decides to take the remaining half and cut it into quarters so that its easier for him to bite. In the mean time, the boy is still sucking into the half of the kiwi.

After a while, the boy started to cry. It was not a loud burst but he was whining. And he started putting fingers into his mouth. With the HFMD in school, we are very cautious about such behavior. So we asked if there is anything wrong with him. Is he feeling pain? But the boy couldn’t really describe. He just continue to cry and put his finger into his mouth and also scratch his lips. Upon seeing this, I told him to open his mouth wide so I can see if there is anything inside. He was very obedient. He actually open wide and said “Ah”. I look but cannot find anything. He is irritated and continue rubbing his mouth with his fingers.

It then occur to me that maybe he is having a “stinging” feeling on his tongue because of the kiwifruit. So I asked him is it his tongue pain pain. He couldn’t really answer also. My MIL then brought him into the toilet wanting to wash his mouth and let him brush his teeth, but he just continue to cry and didn’t want to do it. So I quickly pour a small cup of fresh milk for him. Cause I thought if it is the acid that is stinging his tongue maybe the milk will help.

When I pass him the cup, he took a sip and wanted to continue crying. But he “stop” suddenly, and continue to drink the milk. I think he suddenly realize that the stinging feeling have subside. So after the small cup of milk he was okie. He went back to my MIL room to play. But less than 5 minutes later, he started crying again! My MIL than gave him some ice to see if it will numb his tongue. He happily accepted the ice and started biting it. So the crying stopped.

And another 5 minutes or less later, he started crying again. My MIL thinks that there might be something else. So she carried him and stand under the light to see if she can see anything. But the boy just continue rubbing. This is where she notice that he is rubbing his lips rather than the mouth now. I conclude maybe the acid got to his lips also since he was “sucking” onto it. And my MIL then apply a small amount of Zam-Buk!!! Erm, I think that is toxic and is afraid that my boy will lick it.

Anyway the boy was still crying. Than my MIL suggested giving him the ice pack to put on his lips. After putting the ice pack there, he quite down and started playing with the ice-pack (duhz). At this point I recalled, maybe we can put bonjela since its meant for mouth ulcer and can be use for teething. So my MIL applied it for the boy. And the boy who has stopped crying at that point, started crying again. And tell us “hot hot”. My MIL asked him “Where got hot hot?”. Ah~ thats where I told my MIL, maybe the skin there is already broken from his scratching. So the bonjela is actually “stinging” his lips. And ya, both of us laughed (opps). The boy wanted to rub his lips again, but I stopped him and tells him it will be over soon. And I let him put the ice-pack back for a short while before taking it back from him. I think the bonjela did work after the initial stinging phase. Cause after that he didn’t complain at all.

But this morning when he woke up, the “redness” is still there.

Zai’s Red Lips

See in the picture, the red patch just above his lips. I hope it will go away soon.

Anyway, I just went to wiki it and found out what causes the “stinging” feeling in the Kiwifruit. And no wonder some friends actually told me not to give Kiwi to kids cause they might be allergy. Now that I read it, I realize how dangerous it could be. But luckily Zai is not allergy to it and have been eating since he was much younger.


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