SMB – Singapore Mother Bloggers

Thanks to Ruth, I was invited to join this secret society group call the “Singapore Mother Bloggers” (SMB for short) on Facebook sometime back. I was a little apprehensive at first. Cause I have been to some Mummy forum and although the people posting are all Mummies, but most are rather “childish”. In that they always whine about things in life. So I have already shun away from these forums as I feel that they are not helping me and is just bringing me down the road of parenthood. However, I have been following some Mummy blogs for more than a year, I know most Mummy bloggers are rather mature and willing to share their mummyhood in a positive way, so I decide to just join the group and see.

And I was not disappointed. The mummies are much more mature in there. They are rather resourceful and shares a lot of their experiences. The discussion topics are more engaging and covers a rather wide span. Although they mostly still link back to Motherhood. (Okie, there are days where the discussion is rather erm.. not to be shared here.)

Anyway I’m inspired to share this post cause as I’m reading through the blog posts and wall posts of the Mummies, I am reminded that I’m not the only one facing issues with our kids. They constantly reminded me that as a parent I need to be really patient and firm, especially when Zai is at this stage of “terrible two”. A few times over the last few months I really lost my cool on him. But I find solace when I read through other Mummies blog and I know that my boy is really not trying to be funny (All kids are the same in that sense). So these few weeks, when I was about to lose my cool I recalled how patient other Mummies are and I reminded myself to do the same. It helped I must say.

And there are also other activities which I see other Mummies doing with their kids and I hope I will make time to do it with my son. I’m especially inspired by MamaJ “fridge” that I hope I can make one for my son too. Since his new hobby now is to open our (real) fridge door.

Once again, I like to thank the Mummies in SMB who have inspire me to become a better Mom. And “Happy Mothers’ Day” to all of you!


4 thoughts on “SMB – Singapore Mother Bloggers

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to us!! 🙂

    We all know that we need more than just one day given all the trials and tribulations that come with parenting… but I’m not complaining, because the rewards of Motherhood – are priceless!

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