Book: Mercy by Jodi Picoult

Mercy by Jodi Picoult

Finally I found time to read again. I really miss reading. But with so many attractions on the phone and time with the kids, reading time has definitely been greatly reduced. Nonetheless, I hope I can sustain my reading time. Short as it may be, slow as I may read but I hope it continues.

Back to topic. This book is about 4 person (2 couples) in general. The first Jaime and Maggie Macdonald. Jaime killed his wife, Maggie, upon her request since she is suffering from cancer and don’t want to prolong her agony. He chose to kill her at a small town which is “run” by the Macdonald(s). So he reported to his cousin Cameron who is the police chief of the town about his murder. And of course Cam have to do all the legal matters of bringing him into custody and to court. Cam’s wife, Allie, on one hand wants to stand on the side of Jaime as she felt it is Jaime’s way of showing love. So the book works around the preparation of the court case and also about Cam’s betrayal to his wife when he fell in love with a woman, Mia, who travels alot and just came into town.

Well, a few points from the book that started me thinking. Mercy killing. Who is to decide? I remember having a discussion with Chubby on this topic before. We cannot come to a conclusion. Cause really, how do you really differentiate Mercy killing from murder? It was very selfish of Maggie to request Jaime to kill her when she jolly well know what kind of music he will face after her death. But I can probably understand why. I mean after all, it takes lots of courage to commit suicide. Its so much easier to ask somebody to do it for you.

As for betrayal of marriage, humans are generally attracted to things that they want and they don’t have. Like the reason why Cam is attracted to Mia is because she is carefree and is able to travel around the world. Not like him who is stuck at the post because he is the next in line to “inherit” the post. Mia is attracted to Cam because he is the police chief. Providing her the “stability” she needed. Its an irony how if they really get together, they won’t be getting what they each wanted from each other. Will I one day be attracted to somebody because they have what I don’t but longed for? Its a difficult question. Nobody has an answer. We just have to remember our marriage vows and of course the kids.

So what is your take on Mercy Killing and “Straying”?


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