Zam Buk Boy 2

Yesterday a friend commented on my FB status when I posted about Zai’s first taste of numbness in the feet. She said that my boy always have funny and cute behaviors. And I told her actually kids always have funny moments. That’s because everything is new to them. Its not really because my boy is “cute”. So another “cute” moment we had yesterday…

Recently we let Zai feed himself while we eat at the same time. It teaches him independence and also give us time to eat. So yesterday I was having my dinner with him. He ate a few mouth and he started pointing to somewhere near his jaw and told me “pain pain”. I thought he swallowed some fish bone or have an ulcer. So I asked him to open his mouth so I can see. I look inside there was nothing. I even pluck the courage to push my hand in and feel. But there isn’t anything. And he suddenly told me “No more pain pain” when I took my hand out. I’m not sure if he is bluffing me or he thought after I put in my hand I will help ease his pain.

So he continue to eat a few more mouths. And he told me “pain pain” again. But this time the other side. I tried to look again but can’t see anything. I tried feeding him more rice, he ate and continue to tell me pain pain. And I concluded maybe its his growing tooth. He still have a missing tooth there.

When Chubby came over to the table, I asked him to check out Zai’s mouth in case I didn’t see clearly. Zai opened and let Chubby checked again. Then he remembered that “pain pain” means have to apply Zam Buk. So he pointed to the direction where the Zam Buk was kept. I asked him “You want to apply Zam Buk in your mouth?”. And Zai says “DeeDee take Zam Buk” (although his Zam Buk wasn’t pronounced properly). We have to tell him Zam Buk cannot be applied inside the mouth. Chubby told him he will get him bonjela later. And he let the matter rest.

I think we make good advertiser. Cause now Zai associate “pain” relief to “Zam Buk”. Come Zam Buk please make my boy your poster boy!


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