Loi @ 6 Months

6 months… another 6 months to go for my breastfeeding… I will make it through!

Mastered Skills

  • Turns towards sounds and voices
    Yes. And I confirmed she more or less can recognize her own name. Whenever I call her she will turn around and look at me. 🙂
  • Imitates sounds, blows bubbles
    Blowing her saliva is definitely a yes. Bubbles? How to check?
  • Rolls in both directions
    Like her bro at this stage, they just loves to be on their tummy. Again changing of diaper proves to be a tiring thing now. Tried giving her a toy, sometime it works sometime doesn’t. *headache*

Emerging Skills

  • Reaches for objects and mouth them
    Yes! Most of the things she lay her hands on will have a high chance of going into her mouth. Her few cloth toys are all wet from her saliva. Reading to her also is a little problem. Cos she will stretch out her hands, grab the book and attempt to put it into her mouth.
  • Sits without support
    Hmm. Not really. When we put her to sit on her own, she will lurch forward. We have start putting her into the good old bamboo chair as I didn’t rent a bumbo this time round. She is able to sit on it, but   will only sits in it for a short while and she wants to be out.

    Loi Sitting in Bamboo Chair
  • Is ready for solids
    My MIL started her with a spoonful of Brown Rice Cereal yesterday morning. It goes with her breast milk, so we haven’t start “spoon” feeding her yet. I think I might start on some puree this weekend after we see her reaction to the Brown Rice Cereal. My MIL told me she finishes up the cereal yesterday, but probably also because it wasn’t really very thick?

Advanced Skills

  • May lunge forward or start crawling
    I thought Zai was quick in learning to crawl. But Loi is even faster. At 5 months 2 weeks, she can already creep a short distance. At 5 months 3 weeks, she can creep very well and very fast. If something attracts her attention she can quickly lunge forward and creep to the object. Zai only manage to creep a short distance when he was 6 months 2 weeks I think. Cause that’s when we went Batam and got him a toy to attract his attention and make him crawl.
    Loi can also go onto her all fours for a short period. But she haven’t really crawl on her all fours yet. Mainly creeping with her body still on the floor. Its funny how, she should be learning how to sit properly first before doing the crawl. But for her the “crawling” came first.

    Loi Crawls to Book
  • May jabber or combine syllables
    Both my kids are always slower in speech development. She just mainly says “Ah~” this days. So nope she can’t combine syllables
  • May drag object towards himself
    Yes. Like mention when Loi creeps to an object that attracted her attention, she will reach for it and pull it towards her.

At this stage, Loi is getting more playful. Sometimes she will attract your attention so you can play with her. And I’m glad she is still all smiley. When you smile or give her a cheeky grin, she will always reciprocate back. But I think she is starting to recognize “strangers”. Just that day, she cried when one of Chubby’s uncle carried her. I think she look and couldn’t recognize the uncle. And when Chubby’s grandma carried her, she will turn her head and “examine” her. She is cute la (opps).

Unlike her bro, she didn’t seem to enjoy books as much. Maybe because I didn’t really read to her everyday like what I did with her bro the last time. But when I read back Zai’s development at 6 months, he also lost some interest in books. Ah~ I hope its something to do with age. I hope both my kids will love reading like their parents.


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