Zai @ 25 Months

It appears that after 24 months, the child development are charted every two months. Should I follow the same? Anyway I think I will just continue to do monthly. With the first month being a summarize one, while the next month base on the milestone chart.

Toddler’s Development from BabyCenter

Jumping, throwing and brushing teeth
Definitely the boy is learning to “jump” these days. In fact just two days ago, he was jumping on the mattress  and singing “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, and he fell down and really knocked his head. Sigh, this little monkey apparently only know the rough lyrics but didn’t understand the meaning of the song.

Throwing a ball overhand is not an issue and he doesn’t only throw balls. He throws all sorts of toys and sometimes pillows and bolsters.

Yup, he is learning to brush his teeth and washing his own hands now. Last week, we went to ikea to get those step stools for him so that my MIL doesn’t need to carry him when he brushes his teeth. And he has since learn to take the stool and climb up on his own to brush teeth and wash his hands. But the other day when he was at my parents place he actually took a normal stool and climb it up on his own when nobody was looking. So its kinda of dangerous too.

And he enjoys brushing teeth now. Cause I bought him a toothpaste with “grape” flavor. I was looking for a plain toothpaste initially, but I really couldn’t find one with some fluoride and is meant for kids. So I have no choice but to settle for the Kodomo one which contains some active fluoride, but comes with flavor. So he likes to “eat” the toothpaste now, but well, at least we got him to brush his teeth.

Learning to make sentence
As mention in the previous months, he can already form two words sentences. Now his sentences are getting longer. I notice more and more three words sentences. But he is still very “noun” base. Like he will say “Didi Where” instead of “Where is DiDi”.

And he can understand two-step command too. Yesterday, my SIL told him to pick up MeiMei’s diaper and throw it. He really took the diaper from the bed, climbed down and throw it. But just, he threw it down the rubbish chute instead of the dustbin. Cause he often see my MIL throwing his diaper directly down the chute instead of into the bin. Its kinda of dangerous and the rubbish chute is not as clean. So we have to educate him further.

Changing shape
Well he is not chubby in the first place, so we can’t really tell if he is shedding any baby fats. But we do notice he is eating lesser rice these days. Not sure if it is because he is drinking more milk or he has already grown tired of eating rice.

Energy Spurt
I think this is the hardest part. He is so full of energy! We recently have a new activity we do together that is climbing up the stairs. From the first floor to our unit. I will stop at every floor and ask him is this our house and he will look and answer until we reach our house which is above 10 floors. After doing that with him, I will come home slightly tired, but he is still full of energy.

And since these few weekends it has been raining, we can’t bring him to the playground. As a result, he got trapped at home for the whole day and have no place to dispense his energy. And he will start jumping on the bed. Sometime he will get very excited and agitated at the night when he doesn’t get to go out in the day. We can only pray for the weather to get better.

Needs less sleep
I’m not so sure about these. Cause he wakes up later nowadays. Last time he will wake up at 7am. Nowadays when I leave home at 8am, he is still sleeping away. On weekends he can sleep till 9am. But we do notice that he is sleeping a little later these days. Cause now I Loi sleeps with us and she is a light sleeper. So we can only leave Zai with my MIL on most nights. And she wants to watch her 9pm drama. As a result, my boy sleeps later. I’m trying to see if I can get Chubby to make him sleep in my MIL room while she watches her drama in the living room. Well, it might take some time but we gotta try.

Its really the start of terrible twos. He will cry when he didn’t get his way. Sometime real hard. We just have to reinforce our rules and try to distract him away from what he wants. He is also developing the behavior of “Zai’s One”. As in “this is mine”. That day my mum uses his pillow to prop Loi in the bamboo chair he immediately went over and took the pillow away. And yesterday when I uses his spoon to eat (cause he refuses to eat his dinner, and I had to eat his food), he “complained” and say “Zai’s One”. Luckily so far for toys he is still able to share with his cousins. So we just have to enforce sharing throughout.

Zai @ 25 Months

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