Public Library

Being a Mom, I feel that its important to expose my kids early to books. I’m really glad that my boy have took a liking to reading. I heard this from his teachers as well as observing him myself. I always put his “book bag” in the car so we can do some reading while on the way to my parents place or when we have long journey. I think this beat playing with the iPhone, although I do not know if it is so ideal for his eyes. And he often will ask for the books when we are in the car.

Anyway, in the past when he was much younger, I use to buy books for him. But I soon realize that his “requirements” for books changed as he grows. And its like every few months there can be a difference. (Of course there are some books that he reads when he was still very young till now.) So I have to turn to the library since to get him the books. Initially I was a little apprehensive. Cause we all know that library books are very “dirty”. But striking between the cost (and space) of buying him books and chances of him getting a virus from the library books, I think borrowing from the library will win hands down. So I started borrowing since he was very young. And a good thing is, Zai didn’t have the habit of biting the books. I hope Loi will not have the same habit too.

Anyway, in the past, different libraries doesn’t really make much of a difference to me. Most of the books I want to read can be found in the fiction. But since I started borrowing for the kids, the library will really make a difference.

Before I move to my current place, I use to stay with my in-laws in Bukit Panjang. So I use to visit the library in BPP. The library is rather small but it has a section dedicated for children books. The books in the area are generally classified by pre-schooler and older kids. There are a few small and low shelves which they classify as “baby books”. Its meant for for kids below 3. It wasn’t really prominent, as it was really low. I think I only manage to “stumble” upon it on my 2nd or 3rd visit. Although the place was rather small.

After I moved, I went to the Jurong West Public Library instead. Not because I moved there, but because its near to my parents place and I don’t have a public library within walking distance to my own home. And I really love the Jurong West Library. Its relatively bigger for a public library. The whole of level 2 is dedicated to children, parenting and family books. So you really can find everything at that level without the need to move up or down.

Besides, they also have a corner dedicated to “baby books”. And there are at least 4 long shelves covering a side of the wall. The best part is, they have Chinese books for that age there too! Unlike that of Bukit Panjang which is dedicated just to English books. So normally I will just “attack” that area directly to borrow the books for Zai and Loi.

But the down side is, I can only go on weekend. And if I arrive slightly later like in the evening, the shelves can be quite messy. Cause there will be lots of parents who brought their kids there and just leave the books lying around in the wrong shelves. And the number of Chinese books left are miserable. But I can still get some good find most of the times. I think they do stock up enough books. 😛

Anyway, I heard that there is a Children Library in Clementi. So the whole library is dedicated to Children books. But (again) I heard that its quite messy there cause its relatively new and their books got snapped up very fast. So for now I will still stick with Jurong West library.

On a side note, the public library often give out freebies when you borrow up to the maximum quota. Which can easily be reached when you borrow children books. Just yesterday I have gotten 3 bookmarks. And the bookmarks are really cute. I let Zai played with them since they are animals while I kept one for myself. 😛

So head down to the library when you have the time. 🙂


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