Little Ones Reading March 2012

Lazy Mummy is reading less and less to the boy. And also didn’t have enough time to read to the girl. Oh my, I need to be more consistent in reading to them!

Hello, let's go
Hello, bugs
Hello, animals

This 3 “black and white” books are for Loi (obviously). The three books all shows the different type of things according to the book. Example a train for the vehicle, a caterpillar for the bugs and a panda for the animals. There isn’t much words except for the sound that the thing will make. Example “Choo Choo” for the trains, etc. Like all black and white book I tried to describe the things to Loi. Like the panda is eating leaves, there is smoke coming out from the train. Sometimes I sing a rhyme too. Like “Down by the station” for Train, “Bumblebee” for the “Bee” and “Incy Wincy Spider” for Spider. I’m soon running out of things to say for this kind of black and white book. 😛

White on black
Black on white
Who are they

I’m grouping this 3 books together because they are from the same author. The first two books are purely black and white prints of things. For example a baby bib or bottle. There is not words, just the silhouette picture of the time either in black or white. I prefer the 3rd book “Who Are They”. There is also no words in this book. Just silhouette pictures of animals. But it clearly shows the animal and its “children”. Like Pigs and Piglets. So I can actually teach both Loi and Zai using the book. I re-emphasize to Zai what is the baby of the animal called. Besides, as the book progress, there is more number of “baby animals”. So on page one there is only 1 baby animal. On the next page there is 2 and it progress on. So I can teach the concept of numbers together.

Touch and feel baby animals

First Touch-And-Feel book for Loi. This book describes the different animals and how they “feel”. Like the “fluffy” chicks and the hard shell of the tortoise. As Loi doesn’t know how to sit yet, I tried to put the book in front of her when she is on her tummy and let her reach out and touch the animals. As this is a library book, I think actually its quite dirty. So I will try to clean Loi’s hand with a wet tissue after she is done with the book, cause she has the habit of sucking her finger to sleep. But there was once I left the book on her mattress and went off to do somethings. When I came back a short while later, she fell asleep on the book. I think she finds the book too boring. 😛


Borrowed this two Chinese books for Zai hoping it will teach him Chinese and some concept of science. However, he was not interested in this two books. I think we only manage to scrape through the first book once. The 2nd book we didn’t get past the first page. Oh well, we just have to come back to this kind of books some other time.


This is the Chinese translation of “Where is baby tummy” or a similar book in the range. And this is not the first time I’m borrowing book from this range. However, because most of the flaps are missing on this book, Zai isn’t really interested in reading it. Cause he can’t play “peek-a-boo” with it.


When I was borrowing the book, I thought Zai will enjoy this cause he is learning to brush his teeth on his own. And true enough he enjoyed this book. Besides the concept of brushing, the book also teaches shapes and colors. And of course there are “flaps” for Zai to flip. I think he really like books with flaps. But sadly, when I read the book in Chinese, he will still talk to me in English. Like I tell him 刷牙, he will say “Brush Teeth”. And he will read the shapes and color in English rather than Chinese. But I will relentlessly repeat it in Chinese for him. With the hope that he will register it one day.

Where is Maisy's panda

How can Zai’s favorite Maisy be missing from the list right? In this book, we follow Maisy through the house to look for “Panda”. It teaches concept of “in”, “under”, etc. And other nouns like “Washing Machine”, “Sink”, etc. And again, its a lift-the-flap book. So you can actually lift the “door” to the “Washing Machine” and check if “Panda” is there.  I try to reemphasize all the nouns when I read the book. Cause certain words like “Washing Machine” and “Sink” is “new” to Zai. And when we lift up the flap and its not panda, I will ask him so who is it. As they are mostly other animals, so Zai is able to answer them. Thumbs up for the book.

Lost blanket a lift-the-flap book

Borrowed this book purely because of Igglepiggle. Zai learn about “him(?)” throught the CeeBeeBees app and also sometime on “CeeBeeBees” itself. So I thought this book will attract his attention. He loves it the first few time we read. But kinda of grew tired of it after a while. In this book, again we are out hunting for IgglePiggle’s red blanket. As with the Maisy book, it teaches concept of “Under”, “Behind”, etc and the different items like “bushes”, “trousers”, “stones”, etc. But I didn’t like it as much because the hidden items are all characters from the shoes. Which makes it less interesting and less “educational”.

On the farm

Surprisingly, Zai didn’t really like the book. Initially he didn’t even wanted to “turn” the wheels of the book but after a few times of trying to read to him, he at least tried to turn the wheel. This book talks about what the farmer do in his farm. And on each page, it will actually ask you to find a certain item on the wheel by turning it. Its good in a sense that the parent can really find out if the kid knows what is being asked. Its just a pity Zai didn’t appreciate the book.

Spot goes to school
Spot goes to the beach
Spot goes to the park

I’m back to borrowing a range of books about “Spot” cause the library just top up new version of it. This new version come with “life-the-flap”, ah~ Zai’s favorite. He enjoys these books a lot not only because of the “flaps” but also he is able to relate it to his own life. Like the going to school. I will tell relate the teacher back to his own teacher and his friends. And the activities that they do in school. So he loves it.


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