First PTM

Yesterday I had the first PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) session with Zai’s teachers. I must say I have gain a lot of insights to my boy’s development. I feel its really good that they have this kind of PTM now in school unlike in the past.

At least now I know how to handle my boy behavioral issues more. Like asking him to “stop” doing certain things and the need to be really consistent. There should be no leeway as it just confuses the kid. So if a certain action is not to be condone, that we have to constantly told them to “stop”.

And kids at my boy age (24 months), tend to have lesser self control. So although he knows that he have to “stop” doing certain things, but he still can’t help but want to do it. So caning him is not useful. This explains a lot about my boy these days. He will repeatedly like to step on his toys or books. We have tried telling him “No” and to stop doing it, but he will still continue. When we tried 3 times and it doesn’t work, we will use the cane. But at least now I know its not that he doesn’t understand and did it on purpose but rather he couldn’t control his actions. And further reading actually suggests that we should give him something else to distract him rather then to cane him. Ah~ my MIL is good at this. So I have to give kudos to her.

We also understands from our teacher that actually Zai loves to paint. He can explore different ways to do painting. Be it hand painting, brush or the spray. He loves it all. I also recently notice that Zai will ask for the color pencil and drawing block and tell me “Draw”. I will give it to him. But I think color pencil is a little difficult for him as strength is needed to really “produce” the color. So I’m thinking about marker but that is kinda of dangerous as he might take it and start drawing somewhere else. And paints will be even more difficult. But I hope to let him do some craft at home to develop his fine motor skills and also additional activities to do at home. So any good suggestions?

Regarding his feeding, the teacher also mention that he stop feeding himself since he came back from his long week of MC due to the stomach flu. So we are encouraged to let him feed himself when he is at home. Which I brought the idea across to my MIL already. And since yesterday we started on it. I helped him by scooping it and holding his hand to put to his mouth. His teacher also mention that he doesn’t like veg. But he says this is mostly because kids at their age have a sensitive tongue. So its not that they don’t like veg but they don’t like the texture. But we will still continue to give just that we have to be “prepared”.

As for toilet training, we can only follow back the pattern that they use in school. That is to bring him to the toilet before his bath and during diaper changing. I know well that my boy knows when he wants to poo, but he just doesn’t like to do it at the toilet bowl. I’m considering whether to change my child toilet seat to the potty. This is because that day at my Mum’s place, he is more willing to seat longer on the potty than on my toilet bowl. *headache* I need more help on toilet training.

Looking back these 4 months, I find that Zai has grown alot. His vocab has certainly increases a fair amount since he started school. His Chinese teacher also mention that he now know more Chinese words and will tell her in Chinese rather than English when he talks to her. I’m so happy hear that.


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