Expedition Hokey Pokey

After seeing my friend post about this 50% off for a new indoor playground at Suntec for the month of March, I have been thinking of bring Zai there to play. But I didn’t get to do it until last Friday. Zai childcare is close and Chubby is overseas so I have already took leave to take care of him. I decide to take a step further and brought him out to Hokey Pokey on my own.

Its fortunate that our place is rather near Suntec and there is a direct bus that stops at Pan Pacific. So off we go using the public transport!

Taking Bus with Mummy Only

I think I’m quite lucky that day. Zai was on his best behavior. When we waited for the bus, he didn’t attempt to run around. He just sat with me at the bus stop and was doing people watching. When we were in the bus, he also didn’t attempt to run around. Didn’t even ask for my iPhone, he just sat and look at the happenings outside. So the journey there was quite “uneventful” much to my relief. But I underestimate the distance between Suntec and the bus stop. So it was quite tiring carrying my boy and walking to Suntec. And I tried to take a short cut and in the end I got stuck and have to jaywalk. While I was jaywalking, I was “niam-ing” to my son that we shouldn’t be doing this. We shouldn’t jaywalk.. blah blah blah. Erm, not sure if he understands and whether it helps. And yah I’m now a guilty Mama.

Anyway, when we reach Hokey Pokey, he was still quite apprehensive. But luckily just at this point they started…

Playing Bubbles @ Hokey Pokey

Yes, blowing bubbles! Which kid can resist bubbles right? They had this Winnie the Pooh toy that blows bubbles at their counter. And a little fan to help blow the bubbles further away. All the kids rush to the bubbles and started poking it. Of course Zai too. He noticed the ledge at the counter is a little soapy so he started rubbing his hands on the ledge too. I think we were really lucky, as I think the blowing of the bubble was quite random. As I stayed there for the next 2 hours, I didn’t see them activate the machine again. So I’m also not sure how often they do it.

Anyway, after the bubble, Zai is all warmed up. And he went to “attack” the little house.

Little House

This seems to be his favorite. He spend quite a lot of time going into the house, open and close the windows and climbing out of it.

Looking Through the House

He finds it so fascinating when he saw me through the windows.

Kitchenette Again

Chef Zai in action again. Somehow he has a liking for kitchenette. I think he observes too much of my MIL preparing food at home.

Opening All Doors and Drawers

At one point of time when he was playing, he started opening all the “doors” on the kitchenette and placed the “drawers” on the floor. The poor staff at Hokey Pokey tried to put it back. Zai looks at it, started to shake his head and said “No”. But he didn’t stop the staff from doing it. When the staff walks off to pack something else, he took out the drawers again! I felt so sorry for the staff.

Ball Pit @ Hokey Pokey

Next he tried the slide with ball pit. Arghhh.. my childhood dream to play in one. How I wish I can join him on the slide. I notice the balls are of pastel colors which is very close to Hokey Pokey color scheme. It just make the ball pit looks even more attractive.

In the Ball Pit

There was so much balls in the ball pit that my boy have a hard time trying to come out of it. When he finally reach the edge, he still couldn’t really get out. So in the end he have to say “MiMi Help” to ask me to help him out of it.

Castle Toy

After playing the ball pit, Zai went back to the little house. Not wanting him to just play that one toy, I attracted his attention to this castle toy. Ah, he likes it too. Somehow, he has a liking for the “house” concept toys. As seen in the photos, he will go into the castle, close the door, climb up and come down from the slide, most time on his tummy.

After which, he went back to the kitchenette area and he spotted the “baby alive” doll. And started taking care of “MeiMei”. Helping “her” bathe and apply powder. This boy really observes us alot. Now I start to worry whether he will be too feminine next time.

Cause and Effect

I also brought some toys down from the shelves at the back of the main play area. But he only took interest in this toy. Examining at how the ball drops in and fall out.

The Percussionist Zai

Ah~ then he stumbled into the back area which contains mainly all the activities table and this musical table in the center. Being a fan of percussion instruments, Zai starts “playing” on it listening to the sound coming out from the different instruments. But I was a little worried as the “bells” were actually quite loud. I was afraid it might disturb other kids. Especially there were some babies around.


See what I mean about him observing us alot. When he saw the toy “vacuum” cleaner, he started playing with it. And the broom too.

All in all, we spend 2+ hrs there. I think Zai really enjoyed himself. When I asked him to leave, he quickly run from one toy to another and pretend to play longer. I told him 3 times that we are leaving and still he doesn’t want to go. So I have no choice but to carry him up and ask him to say good bye to the toys. But luckily, he didn’t struggle. He just bade the toys goodbye. I think I gave him enough notice so he knows.

When we were about to go, the staff at Hokey Pokey, gave him some biscuits. Which he immediately requested to eat. Since its well past his lunch time, I gave it to him while I change out of my socks and get my bag from the locker.

All in all I find its a rather nice place but just that its kinda of small. I went on a weekday so there were about 10 kids at most. So its still rather okie. But I think it can be quite bad if there are more than that. Now the toys are still relatively new so I think its quite okie. And because of the 50% I only pay SGD12.5 for the entrance fee. If its back to SGD25, I think I might not go back so soon. Hahah.. yes I’m a cheapo mummy 😛

Anyway, after the play I was thinking of where to bring my son for lunch. Since I’m alone, feeding him will be a problem. And suddenly an idea pops into my head.

Zai eating Nugget

Yes we ended up at McDonald (double guilty Mummy). Cause that is the only place I can think of where he can eat on his own and I can have mine at the same time. I guess the boy must be very happy that day. Cause he gotta play and have “junk” food.

Asleep on the way back

I was quite fortunate that my SIL is willing to come and pick us up after our lunch. Cause I can see that the boy is visibly tired. And true enough he fell asleep within 5 minutes in the car.

I like this expedition time I had with my little boy. I hope I can bring him to some other places the next time. 🙂


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