Loi @ 5 Months

I’m late yet again. Development milestone chart taken from babycenter.

Mastered Skills

  • Can distinguish between bold colors
    Hmm.. I don’t really know how to measure this. But I can see that she follows the colors and is always attracted to the TV. *sigh* no choice when you have an elderly taking care of a kid.
  • Can roll over
    And back! Now helping her wear diaper is so difficult. She keeps on wanting to be on her tummy. Gotta pass her some things to play and explore and she will stay on her back. But I’m not sure how long it will interest her.
  • Amuses herself by playing with hands and feet
    Yes. She can play with her hands and feet for a long time. Sucking onto her toes is one of her favorite activity now too.

Emerging Skills

  • Turns toward new sounds
    Hmm.. what is considered new sounds? She will definitely turn towards sounds. But “new” sounds?
  • Recognizes own name
    I guess so. Cause she will look up or look at us when we call her. But we can’t really differentiate if it is due to the sound or she recognizes her name. Any idea how to test this out?

Advanced Skills

  • May sit momentarily without support
    We didn’t really try this. Maybe I should take a time to try it.
  • Mouths object
    Yup. She loves the labels on the toys. I remember Zai used to be like that too. I think its because of teething?
  • Stranger anxiety may begins
    Not really. Yesterday her great-grandma came over. She carried Loi but Loi didn’t really cry. But stare at her with intent. I think trying to make out who she is. But again, she sees her great-grandma just 2 weeks back.
  • May be ready for solids
    I tried feeding her 小饅頭 biscuit the other day. She still doesn’t know how to eat yet. Pushes the biscuit out. Unlike her bro who was happily eating it (behind my back) when he is about her age.

I also notice my girl is sleeping less and less as compared to the past. And I think she is also sleeping lesser than her bro when he was at this stage. Think its not so healthy. I have tried carrying her and making her sleep but she doesn’t want. And she hasn’t sleep through the night too. Which is good and bad. Cause it means I don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to pump, but I still get disturbed sleep. Hope she is able to at least reduce to one feed in the middle of the night now. Instead of the 2 feeds.


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