Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (4)

Finally time to “party”!

The usual photos taking before the cake cutting.

Family Photo!

We brought a tart from Fruit Paradise for Zai’s birthday “cake”. I initially wanted to get a Mickey cake but decide against it cause most of the attendees are adults. I think they will prefer fruits over cream. Besides, he already have cake the previous day in school. And I was glad I made that choice. Cause Zai really love the “tart”. Or rather the fruits on the cake. In fact he “stole” all the blueberries on the tart. And he simply loves it. Even when one of it drop onto the floor and rolled under the sofa, he still wants to get it. See he can’t wait to eat the cake!

Can't wait for the cutting!

I guess the boy was tired after the whole day of playing. So he slept rather early that night unlike the previous night. So we woke up early and manage to squeeze in a dip for him before we check out!

Final Swim before we checkout

So that marks the end of our 3 days 2 night staycation at Rasa Sentosa. I think my boy is really happy because he gets to swim and swim. So we will be back for my Staycation.

I'm 2! Stop taking my nude photos.

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