Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (3)

After we arrive at our new room, Zai started jumping around and bump his head. And he started crying. My MIL proceed to pacify him and he fell asleep in her arms. And soon Chubby’s relatives who are joining us in the celebration also arrived. And they were preparing to go to the beach! Who knows it suddenly start to rain. It’s fortunate that Zai is sleeping at this time, cause he got his nap and he didn’t “waste” much time.

Waiting for Rain to Stop

So while waiting for the rain to stop, my two babies slept while my two nieces had milk. Lucky the rain didn’t last for very long. And by the time it stopped, Zai also woke up from his nap. So finally his long awaited “Beach Time”!

Beach Time @ Rasa Sentosa

I didn’t stay throughout his play at the beach cause I need to take care of Loi and also to express out my breastmilk. So during the short period when I was there, Zai was just bringing sea water to the holes my MIL dug for them to play. After the sea water, he proceed to take soil from the wet area and fill up the hole. Quite cute to see Zai concentrating in doing his task.

We also brought kite to the beach, but there wasn’t much wind. So in the end they didn’t manage to fly the kite. I guess we have to wait to another time to bring the kids out to the park to fly. 🙂

After they came back from the beach, Chubby quickly showered Zai and went out to get the food for the “celebration”. My MIL helped look after Zai while I took care of Loi. I heard she brought him out and he insisted on her bringing him to go see the monkeys when he spotted one.

And soon my parents arrived. So with their helped, I went to give Loi a dip in the tub. Finally she has a chance to get into the “waters”.

Loi's Turn for the Dip

It was the first time my parents sees her “swimming”, so they were actually quite excited. My dad was worried if the neck float is sufficient. But I assured him that she has been swimming with it for a few times already.

After the dip, its back to waiting again. Chubby took some time in buying back the food. I guess its due to the crowd at Vivo during weekends.

To be continued…


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