Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (2)

The next day, we only manage to wake up at around 9am. The boy himself is also tired from sleeping so late, so he woke up later than usual. So off we go for our complimentary breakfast by the hotel.

Yummy Sausage!

We started off feeding Zai with scrambled eggs and waffles. But when he saw his daddy’s sausage, he actually pointed to it and request to eat that. Not very healthy choice but we let him indulge since its his birthday and we don’t do it often. And boy, he likes it and finishes two small “sticks”.

After Zai finishes his breakfast, he couldn’t sit still. So Chubby left with him while I continue to eat mine. It was quite a bliss to enjoy a moment of calm for my breakfast. Its been a long time since I get to enjoy breakfast in such an environment. Not complaining, but really appreciate the opportunity.

Chubby knows that Zai can’t wait any longer, so he brought him for a dip in the pool after breakfast. Of course the boy was really happy. I didn’t join them at the pool cause I need to take care of Loi. So no pictures for that. After his pool trip,  my SILs have arrive together with my two nieces and our lunch. But the active Zai was wrecking havoc in the room. And he just had a heavy breakfast, so we think he is not hungry yet. As such, we brought him to the toddlers’ room downstairs to play. I think Rasa Sentosa is really trying to make the place very family friendly.

Ball Pit @ Mini Toots Club

The room is not big and they call it the Mini Toots Club. There is just a small ball pit with slide, an Ikea kitchenette and a carousel with 3 horses. You will need to put in coins for the carousel it doesn’t comes free. At one corner there is also a LCD tv with a dvd player. They were playing “Dora” at that time. And there was some books and toys littered on the floor. But most of the toys have “parts” missing. Like the shape sorter without the shapes and the trains without a track.

But Zai had a good time playing with the Kitchenette! I thought he would prefer to go up and down the ball pit, but he didn’t. He spend most of his time playing the kitchenette.

Zai playing with Kitchenette

I think my boy is really mimicking after the adults now. Which is why he prefers to play with the kitchenette. Well, I will definitely get a kitchenette for Loi to play with when she gets older. So we shall see if he is still interested in playing with it when we reach that stage.

We left the room after Zai start snatching toys from his cousin and the room was also getting crowded. So we head back to our room for lunch. And pack up so we can change room!

Garden Suite @ Rasa Sentosa

Initially, we just got the pool viewing family suite. But because my SIL went to book another room just for that Saturday, we decides to change to the Garden view Suite so we can have connecting room. This suite is suppose to be more expensive but the kind people at Rasa Sentosa let us upgrade for free. But both Chubby and I felt that the room feels smaller than the one we had the previous day.

To be continued…


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