Zam Buk Boy

I’m not sure if you all know of an ointment known as Zam Buk. It’s green in color, a little sticky and used on bumps.

I have always called Zai as Zam Buk boy. Cause since he became mobile, he has been knocking himself all over. We constantly have to apply Zam Buk on him. Maybe because of this he knows since months back that he have to apply Zam Buk at the spot where he hit.

That day we were at my mum place. Zai saw these blue-black on my thigh and go “Ee?”. I told him “Ya, MiMi pain pain”. He then proceed to walk away. I thought he so heartless. Next moment I heard my bro asking him not to climb and I look up I know he wants to go get the Zam Buk! So I told my bro who assisted him in taking it. He then happily took the Zam Buk and walk to me. And when I ask if he will help me apply, he gladly do it.

Awwww~ it’s these moments that you forget all his naughtiness and feels the sweet in your heart. Awwww~ let me savor in this before I return back to my boy who is showing obvious signs of terrible 2 this few days.


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