Staycation @ Rasa Sentosa (1)

We spend our last weekend at Rasa Sentosa in celebration of Zai’s 2nd birthday. We had a fun filled time. I think my boy really enjoys it cause he gets to play with water literally the whole day. We checked in on Friday evening, as Zai still went to school to celebrate his birthday.

On the first night we just got the pool view family suite.

Pool View Family Suite @ Rasa Sentosa

It was pretty spacious. After the king size bed and a sofa bed being setup, there is still space for us to walk around. And there is also a balcony overseeing the pool.

Who's There?

That’s Zai and his cousin Vaness. They were looking out at Vaness Daddy who is at the balcony. The view from the balcony is decent too.

View from the Room

Enjoying a meal at the balcony with this view can be quite relaxing. But with kids in tow, where to find the time to enjoy?

Loi: Are you all done?

Poor Loi, woke up from her sleep but we are still not ready to leave for “Songs of the Sea” yet. We need to feed the kids and had our own dinner. By the time we make our way out its already 8pm. But we still manage to catch the later show.

Songs of the Sea

The show was only so-so. But the “fireworks” at the end was quite magnificent with the sea as background. But too bad, both my kids fell asleep during the show.

Happy Daddy Happy Girl

See the girl all full of smiles after her nap while we were taking the bus back to the hotel. The boy is still sleeping on the stroller. Initially we thought he will sleep through until the next day. But who knows he woke up when we were about to reach the hotel. And with the power nap, the boy got very very active. He was running around in the room and didn’t want to sleep. No matter how hard chubby or my MIL tried, the boy just want to play. Chubby got so frustrated that he wanted to lock him in the toilet to calm him down. And all these didn’t stop until about 1am in the morning. Poor Chubby. I didn’t have a good time either. Loi seems to miss her bed and she wakes up every 2 hours requesting for feed. And when she fell asleep during the feed, I put her down, she wakes up again. I tried carrying her but she is still very alert. Sucking her own finger doesn’t seem to soothe her either. In the end I resorted to laying her on the bed and nurse her so that I don’t have to “put her down” after she fall asleep. Ah~ it was a tiring night.

To be continued…


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