Zai @ 24 Months

Ah~ 2 Years into Motherhood.. its getting a little crazy and tiring… but I still enjoy the moments I have with my precious ones.. Loves them lots.

Mastered Skills

  • Can name at least six body parts on a doll
    Is MeiMei considered a doll? He can name MeiMei’s eyes, ears, nose, hair, hand and feet.
  • Half of speech is understandable
    Yup when he talks properly. Sometime he will just “aye ya ya ya ya ba bla bla” dunno what he is talking about. But if he wants or don’t want something he is able to express it.
  • Can make short sentences

Emerging Skills

  • Starts talking about self
    Hmm. How do you classify this? I think he hardly will say what he is doing or attempt to be doing. But when we ask him about who did this, he will be able to say out his own name. So I guess a no for this.
  • Can arrange things in categories
    Haven’t really tried this with him yet. I think I will start playing that with him soon. But he is not so good with colors so I’m not sure how to play the category with him… hmm.. need to crack head.
  • Can walk down stairs
    More or less yes. But because most steps are too tall for his legs, so he will still need to hold on to someone to do the job.

Advanced Skills

  • Begins to understand abstract concepts like sooner or later
    Don’t think so. But yesterday when I reached home, he came to me asking me to play with him. When I told him Mummy need to bathe first, he got it and went out and play on his own. In the past, he would not give in and insist I play with him. Erm, i think its not related to this. Hahaha
  • Becomes attuned to gender differences
    Nope. He prefers to sit and pee cause he saw his JieJie do it. And he still loves to “feed” MeiMei
  • Learns to jump

My boy is so fun and lovely now. I need to cherish every moment I have with him.


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