Zai is 2!

Dear Zai,

You turn two on Saturday! And we celebrated it for you by having a staycation at Rasa Sentosa. I’m not sure if you will still remember when you get older. But please be assured that Mummy will keep on playing back the videos on her iPone to remind you. 😛 Mummy is glad that you seem to enjoy yourself when you are there. Of course what can be more fun for you now then having so much opportunity to play with water. You go to sleep looking at the pool and knowing you can wake up the next day going for a dip again. Mummy is glad that you actually loved water and enjoyed swimming.

Baby, do you know that love grows. So even with MeiMei now, Mummy’s love for you is still much more than the day before. Don’t ask Mummy why or how it happens, it just happens. You know, Mummy is not good at explanation. Maybe you can ask your Daddy to explain to you.

But Mummy have to admit that she has lesser time for you now that MeiMei is here. But in return you have MeiMei love too right? You know, Mummy heart always melt when she see you playing with MeiMei. Mummy know sometimes you will sit on MeiMei or accidentally hit her. But Mummy can see from your actions that you love her still deep in your heart. Too bad, Mummy has to work. Otherwise, Mummy will be able to spend even more time with you and MeiMei. But still, Mummy will still devote all her spare time for you two now.

And Baby do you know time flies? As a result, Mummy is really afraid that the day where you no longer need Mummy will come very soon. Mummy loves you lot, so Mummy will remind herself to let you go when the day come. But if you caught Mummy crying in a corner its not because she is sad (erm, well she is sad that you no longer need her), but she is happy to see that you have grown. That is the most important thing to her. Mummy just wish you will grow up to be a fine young man.

This year started on a bad note for you. Hence, Mummy is getting a little paranoid whenever you are sick. Help mummy by staying healthy okie? Practice all the good hygiene habit. The image of you on the drip really pains Mummy’s heart. So Mummy also wish for your good health.

My little boy, you have grow so much in the one year. And Mummy will continue to see you grow. Mummy hope to provide you with an environment full of love and laughter. Mummy is glad that you have always been a happy baby. Mummy hope that you will continue to be a happy boy and than a happy man.

All the best for you my boy. Mummy love you lots!



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