Sleeping Habits

When Zai was young we use to carry and hug him to sleep. But when he got older, around the age of 1, we will put him in his cot, give him his milk and he will fall asleep on his own after he finishes his milk. Of course when we first transit from the carrying to the cot, he wasn’t that co-operative. He will cry and asked to be carried. But it didn’t take long for him to get use to the idea of going to sleep on his own.

Then about 1 month before Loi’s arrival, we decide to train the boy to sleep on the mattress. This is because he have to give up his cot for MeiMei. Again the first night was easy, cause its a new place and he didn’t realize he wasn’t trapped in the cot anymore. But subsequently he notice it. And thank god for our huge bed-frame, we still manage to trap him in a corner by sitting and blocking the little “entrance”. So he eventually he learned to finish his milk and come to us (either of us will be the entrance block) and sleep next to us. Actually if it is chubby who is blocking, he fall asleep even before the boy.

However, since my confinement period, the boy have been sleeping quite regularly with my MIL in her room. Initially we welcome the break from having to make the boy sleep at night. But 4 months on, we realize that this is bad. Reason being, my MIL will let him watch the TV until he fall asleep. Which we both think is not good. And he will still be up and giggling at 11 pm at night! Last time he use to go to bed at 9am and will be asleep latest by 9:30am. So we decide its time to make things right.

So on Tuesday, we make the boy sleep in our room. And he cried. Wanting to go to my MIL room. When we disallow, he asked for our phones. Again when we disallow he cried. He didn’t stop crying until about an hour later. It pain both our hearts but we think its necessary. This is a photo of him finally asleep after the hour long crying.

After Withdrawal from TV and iPhone

Yesterday night was really good. He finish his milk pass it to his daddy, roll around for a while and fell asleep very quickly. I hope we drilled in the point that no TV and phone before bed time. We shall see tonight if he remembers. But Chubby is going overseas in 1 week time so Zai will have to go back and sleep with my MIL cause I won’t be able to handle both at night especially if I’m feeding Loi. I just hope that my MIL will not start the habit of letting him watch TV again. Otherwise its going to be even more difficult then the first time, cause he will know that somehow I will be allowed to.

On another note, I was talking to a colleague this morning. And she told me she really can see a difference between a kid who watch long hour of TV and one that doesn’t. Cause her kids have shorter attention span as compared to their cousin who doesn’t watch TV (my colleague’s sister is a SAHM). So I also really wish to cut down on my kids TV time. Lucky now that my boy is in school, he has lesser hours in front of the TV. But for my girl, its the headache. Cause my MIL always place her near the TV when she herself is watching. I can’t “blame” her, but what can I do?


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