Kids Poster

I’m quite sure 90% of the kids in our little island have this “poster” corner in their house.

Poster Corner

At least I know all my friends with kids have. Or at some point in time they have it. For us, we put up these posters about half a year ago. We bought it in Taiwan when we went for holiday in April last year. It was cheap and what is best is it have both Chinese and English. So we think its worth the effort to hand carry them back. Of course we didn’t just buy two, but our little wall here only allow us to put two up.

Very soon after we put up the posters, Zai learned most of the animals on it. I guess he is really interested in animals. For the ABC poster, he didn’t really learn much. He is only able to recognise and say a few of the objects on it. Also because we didn’t really spend much time on the poster and he wasn’t really interested.

A few weeks back I think its time to change the poster. But we are unwilling to take down the animal one cause he likes it and uses it quite alot. So I was thinking of replacing the ABC one and maybe put it back some other time. Plus he has an ABC puzzle which he plays more often. I also notice recently he is playing the “food” flashcards in my iPhone Pororo app, so I think its time to put up some posters to teach him about food. And we realise we actually don’t have one such poster. I went to Popular last Sunday thinking of buying one for him, but in the end the queue was so long that I decide I will get it some other time.

Then on Monday I recalled that we actually have some flash cards with “food” on it. I use to show him when he was younger as part of our reading time (ah, this reminds me we haven’t have proper reading time at home for a long while). Then I recalled seeing in some mummy blog about putting books or flash cards into transparent holders and hanging them. I thought that is a good idea since I can reuse the flash cards and at the same time replacing the posters will be easier. But I have a concern is whether my boy will start picking up the cards from the holders and “destroy” them. As a result I’m not willing to spend too much money on it.

Then I recalled that I have seen some similar transparent holders at Daiso. I think for letters or CD. Since I need to pay Daiso a visit to get Zai’s birthday “goodie” bag, I decide to hunt around see if I can find it. I brought up the idea to Chubby, he suggest maybe we can use those transparent slots people use for storing their “magic” game cards. I thought the idea is not bad too.

We hunted around Daiso for sometime, but couldn’t find the transparent holder for the letters I was thinking about. And we stumble onto this magnet that allow you to slot in paper so you can save your recipe or what. I thought I can use that. But its rather expensive, 2 pieces for $2. So we hold on to it first as we continue to hunt around. Until we found this pack of transparent leaf holder for files. And we think it work. Combining the idea of magnet, I decide to just stick it to the fridge to test it out first. No damage to my walls and all. So viola, here is the result

DIY Poster

$2 and I solve my problem. So happy with myself. Ha. But we will have to test it out first to see if my boy will attempt to pull it down from the fridge, which we highly suspect he will. But its a $2 investment worth trying, I will attempt to play with him tonight to see if it works.


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