Sunday @ Home

On Sunday, Chubby had students coming to our place to cook in preparation for their exchange trip to Chiangmai in two weeks time. As a result, we couldn’t really go out that day. And was “trapped” at home until evening where we went to Chubby’s uncle place for a gathering.

You know, its really not easy trapping my almost 2 year old son at home the whole day. He just tried to be “funny” and tests his limits yet again! Photos as proofs.

Big Baby

First, he wanted to pretend to be MeiMei. He lie on the rocker (thankfully it didn’t break), played MeiMei new rattle toy and even wanted to be belted up.

And when he got tired of MeiMei’s toy (which is pretty fast), he start pulling out his baskets of toys. I thought he wanted to play with them. But in the end, he “climbed” into the shelf…

I'm a drawer

Subsequently, he saw MeiMei “rolled” from her little mattress to under the lazy chair, he decides to join in the fun.

We are going camping!

And when we carry MeiMei back to the mattress, he wants to squeeze in too.

My 3 Precious

And Chubby decides to join in the fun by lying on him, which send him giggling. But now you know why he likes to lie on MeiMei, cause he thought is fun! Ah~ talking about bad examples 😛

And when we couldn’t take it anymore we on his favourite “Makey Mouse” (nope its not Mickey Mouse, its Maisy Mouse. He only recognizes Mickey Mouse as mouse, but able to call out to Maisy Mouse but couldn’t pronounce the “s” properly so it ended up sounding like Mickey) for him to watch.

My Chair
My Chair

Even that, he tried to be funny. Chubby just bought the chair for him on Thursday, so as to make him sit on the chair and watch the TV from a distance. Rather than previously where he will keep walking to stand right in front of the TV. So on Sunday, he pull down the Tigger that was on the massage chair and climb to sit on it instead. And even attempt to place his arms into the flap on the massage chair. And erm, yah the Tigger was staged by me, telling him that Tigger will take his seat. But apparently he prefers the massage chair at that moment. To me, so long as he is not right in front of the TV, it doesn’t really matter.

Chubby will be away to Chiangmai for two weeks. Ah~ how to handle my boy on the weekends when he is not around?


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