Two very common questions I get these days is whether Zai is jealous of his sister or whether Zai will help take care of MeiMei.

To both questions, I don’t have a concrete answer. Zai don’t display outright jealousy. But at times he will request his Daddy to carry MeiMei while I carry him. And sometimes when I read to MeiMei, he will come over and sit on my lap wanting to join in. But he will shove his book to me asking me to read that instead of MeiMei black and white book.

And recently, he loves to “sit” on his sister.

Zai Squash Loi

But I dunno if he did this because of jealousy or he thought it was fun. Cause sometimes both Chubby and I will pretend to “squash” him or lie on him. But being adult we of course know how to control, but our boy obviously don’t.

And there will be days where he will actually show his brotherly love. I have seen him very anxious when she suddenly cries. And he will actually leave us alone if he knows that MeiMei is drinking milk. And like the other time I asked him to check on MeiMei see if she hurt herself when she flipped, he actually did walk there and take a peek at MeiMei. I have also seen him going over to sayang her when the adults are busy doing other things. Like this photo.

Brotherly Love

The other day when he accidentally hit MeiMei with this rocker, he actually felt apologetic. I told him to say sorry he hesitated for a short while and did it. Normally when we ask him to apologize he take ages and alot of scolding or coaxing before he did it. And when I told him to sayang her and kiss her to tell her he is really sorry, he also obeyed. Normally when we ask him to kiss, he will just put his face forward like asking to be kiss instead. But that time, he actually kiss MeiMei on the mouth. He only do that to us when he is in a good mood, or when he wants something (like the iPhone). So we know he is sincere in apologizing to MeiMei.

I just hope that he will grow up taking care of MeiMei. I know along the way they are bound to fight, but I hope he will still show his brotherly love to her along the way. 🙂



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