Loi @ 4 Months

Time flies, my baby girl is 4 months already

Mastered Skills

  • Holds head up steadily
    Yes. This is obvious when she started flipping over. She will actually push herself up and look around. Now that she can hold her head steadily, we can start using the baby carrier! Bringing her around will be easier with the carrier. Just the other day I put her in the carrier and took a public bus to meet Chubby. But I also understand that we shouldn’t put her in the carrier for too long, cause her spine is still developing. The weight she bare on her spine when in the carrier will not be ideal for such a young age.

    Loi First Bus Ride
  • Can bear weight on legs
    Yes. Actually we didn’t try much until we brought her for her development check. And the doctor actually put her on her feet. That’s where we remember we can actually put her on her feet to “stand”. Ah the disadvantage of being the 2nd born. 😛
  • Coos when you talk to her
    Yes. In fact she loves people to talk to her. She will smile when you just look at her. And when you start cooing she will laugh and coo back. So sweet.

Emerging Skills

  • Can grasp a toy
    I’m not so sure about this. When I breast feed her, she will attempt to grab my clothes. And when I put a rattle in her hand, she can hold on to it for sometime too.
  • Reaches out for objects
    Yes. She has a gym toy, so my MIL put her underneath it quite often. There was a few times I actually see her reaching out and “exploring” the toys hanging down.

    Loi Playing Gym Toy
  • Can roll over
    Yup like I mention above. With her new found skills, she now likes to sleep on her tummy at night and she is able to sleep longer. But I still need to wake up at short interval to check that she is still breathing and nothing has obstructed her.

    Loi Sleeps on Tummy

Advanced Skills

  • Imitates speech sounds – baba, dada
    Nope. I didn’t hear that
  • May cut first tooth
    She drools a lot nowadays. And put her hand into her mouth quite often. Not her usual finger sucking of the thumb. But the rest of the fingers. We suspect that her tooth is sprouting soon but of course we may be wrong.

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