Day Out @ St Regis

Thanks to my SIL’s boyfriend, we got to spend a day out at St Regis. And my I must tell you how excited my boy was.

It started the night before, he refuse to go to bed although we can see that he is tired. So Chubby asked him if he wanted to go swimming. Immediately the boy eyes light up and nodded his head. Chubby then told him to go sleep now otherwise he will be very tired the next day and when we go swimming he will be napping. And that did half the trick. Immediately the boy went to lie down on his bed and tried to sleep. But he keep on peering for fear that Chubby is bluffing him. So Chubby told him that he is going to pack his swim gear now to show his seriousness. Who knows when he saw his float, he got so excited, jumped out of his bed and insist on wearing it now. Chubby put it on for him and slowly coax him to sleep.

The next morning when he woke up he didn’t forget about it. He went to look for his float and wants to wear it again. But we had to wait for my SIL and Zai’s cousin to knock off from class, so we only manage to reach the hotel in the early afternoon.

This is the view from the room. Not fantastic but have its own charm.

View from St Regis

When we were in the room. The boy keep on running around the curtains. Hiding in them and then running out. He had so much fun there until he spotted the bathroom. He saw the bath tub and got even more excited. When I start to let the water run so I can let Loi have a “swim”, he couldn’t wait. Keep on dragging us to the toilet and even lifting up his clothes saying “bathe” all the time. When my SIL told him to go out and walk in again (cause she wants to take video), he rushed out thinking we will take off his clothes outside. When we didn’t he whine and pulled Chubby into the toilet again. We gave in, so he got a soak into the tub before his sister.

Zai's Dip into the Tub

He had a splashing good time. And I really mean “splashing”. The toilet floor was really wet after his “dip”. And boy, he didn’t forget about his float even in his rush to go into the tub.

When its Loi’s turn, it was all quiet and smooth. She didn’t kick much. Only after a while, she decides to “flip” her body. So she actually did some pirouette in the tub. So pretty. I’m tempted to send her for some ballet classes when she gets older.

Loi Dipping

When Loi was bathing, my elder SIL arrived with her kids. And the kids were excited. My boy went even “wilder”. The sun was shining very brightly at that time, so we decide to make the kids sleep before they go to the pool. Of course my boy refuses, so Chubby actually have to carry him and bring him for a walk before he actually knock out.

And when he wakes up, he went wild running around the room again. It was a headache. And upon seeing that the time is about right, we decides to change them and bring them to the pool. Finally the highlight after waiting for the whole night and morning for my boy.

Zai Swim

The weather actually wasn’t really that ideal because there were gust of wind on and off. So when Zai came out of the pool to play at the water feature, he is actually trembling.

Zai Playing with Water Feature

He likes the water feature quite a lot too. Trying to stop it first with his feet, then his hands and in the end, he uses his head. Renee who is scared of water had lots of fun with the water feature too.

Cousin Fun!

While the older kids were having fun, Loi can only lie around and “sun tan”. Cause they were afraid the chlorine in the water is too much for her.

Loi @ The Pool

It was quite bright initially, so her face was quite grouchy. But she soon fell asleep lying on my tummy. Ah~ such a bliss.

We really had a fun-filled day at the pool. I think my boy enjoyed the most. It has been sometime we brought him swimming and he wasn’t well the last month. So I’m actually happy to see my boy back in his active action. Although it was really a headache “trapping” him in the room.


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