Little Ones Reading Jan/Feb 2012

Readings have significantly decreased especially after I started work. I think I need to buck up. I made Loi’s library card last month, so I can now borrow more books. I think I will need to start leaving some books at home for Zai. And more reading time for Loi. Its more difficult to manage now that I have two kids to read to.

Black & White Pets

Obviously borrowed for Loi. Its just black and white pictures of different kinds of pets. There were some instructions behind teaching parents how to use the book. Like instead of just reading out the animal, can describe it with more details. Like pointing out to the tail, whiskers etc.

Black & white Farm

Same as the pets. Just that this one is farm animals. Oh, and the last page they actually have a drawing with all the animals asking the kid to “hunt” for them and count. I tried playing with Zai on this too. But he is not so interested.

Baby plays pat-pat

Another Black and White book for Loi. Basically animals again. I seem to be able to find only animals for the black and white series.

What does baby see

This is also animals. Comparing, I prefer the first two books for Loi then this two.

Baby baby baby

This book describes some of the actions that baby can do, e.g. crawling. It will actually repeat the word three times at the end of the sentence. Like “Baby … Crawl Crawl Crawl”. But Zai doesn’t seem to be interested in this book. A few times I open it and read to him, he will attempt to close it. Only once or twice I manage to engage him in it. But not for more than 2 pages.

Busy Day

Ah, what attracts my boy most is always Animals. So you bet he like this book quite a fair bit. This book shows the different activities the baby animals are doing during the day. Like having breakfast, playing, napping etc. He can point out and name me the animals. Sometime trying to identify the “MiMi” lion and the baby lion. He will also name some animals that is not the main lead like the “fish”. And I because the fish are drawn with bubbles escaping their mouth, I told him once its bubbles and “bloop bloop bloop”. And boy he remembers and do it every time he sees it.

The secret birthday message

I borrowed this cause I thought I could teach Zai shapes. And he seems to enjoy “The very hungry caterpillar”. But nope, he never got pass page 2 of the book. So I’m also not sure what this book contains.

Where does Maisy live

Maisy Mouse. My boy favorite character at the moment. So I tried to borrow Maisy book for him every time. This book teaches the different “homes” of the animals. Like the hen house, kennel, etc. Well, he doesn’t seem to enjoy this book as much as the season one. But still he will lift the flap and name the animals when we read this together.


As mention animals is one of Zai favorite topic. But so far we have only emphasize in teaching the “English” version. So I thought I should teach the “Chinese” words to the animals he is familiar with. I think he can understand them but isn’t able to pronounce them yet. I think I gotta work harder on his Chinese.


This is a Chinese rhyme book. Initially, he is not interested in them. When I bring them out he will attempt to close them. But after insisting to read to him for a few rounds, he starts to like them to my delight. Cause so far he hasn’t show much interest in Chinese book. The words in this book are big and there isn’t much on one page. Which I think is very ideal for Zai’s age. I remember the first page describes the sound make by duck in Chinese. He actually will repeat after me (erm.. but I’m not sure if I read it correctly.. ha). And when I ask him 鴨媽媽 在那裡? He can actually point to me. Demonstrating that he understands “Duck” and “Mother” in Chinese.


He recently learn about “Bee” from the song “Baby Bumble Bee”. So this book comes in handy. I now tells him Bee is call 蜜蜂 in Chinese. And actually the rhyme is quite catchy, but I think we will need to read it more often before he can actually “catch” the song.


This came in just in time, as he is learning about 小手 in school. I think its because of this that he starts to grow his interest in these Chinese rhyme books. When he sees the book cover he will raise his arms like the girl in this book cover. This book also describes what the girl can do with her hands. Zai is able to recognize the gestures and even say “eat” when there is a picture of the girl eating with chopsticks. He can also recognize the 湯 and say “soup” when the girl is drinking soup with the spoon. Just too bad he couldn’t say that in Chinese. But I will always translate what he said in English to Chinese. And reemphasize the nouns hoping that he will catch it sooner or later.

Its a blessing that I manage to borrow some of the books, especially the Chinese ones. They were returned to the shelves by some readers and didn’t “belong” to where they are suppose to be. So it was pure luck that I happen to be there and pick up the books for him. But it also mean that I won’t be able to borrow it again for him as I don’t know where the location is. I did some reccee last Saturday when I was there to borrow books again. It appear that it could be in another section. I guess I will try there the next time.


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