Zai @ 23 Months

Today is his Chinese Birthday. And in less than a month time, my boy will be 2! Time flies

Mastered Skills

  • Can make a tower of four bricks
    Yes. I think more than that, although he doesn’t do it often.
  • Can name a simple picture in a book
    Yes. Every time I read to him, he likes to point to objects and name them. Especially the animals. If he is not able to pronounce the animal name, he will make the sound. Like he can’t exactly say “cow” but is able to do the “moo moo” sound.
  • Can use 50 single word
    Yup. Refer to my previous post on his vocab.

Emerging Skills

  • Can make two-or three word sentences
    Yes. His favourite being “DeeDee 抱妹妹”, “MiMi 抱<his name>”. He will also say “DeeDee feed” when he saw Rhino. Cause when we went to the zoo in December, Chubby paid to “feed” the Rhino and we video it down. So he remembers from the video. Or when he wants somebody to feed him, he will also say the person name follow by “feed”
  • Can sing simple tunes
    So far I think only “Baa Baa Black Sheep” Not the full song but a fair bit. Don’t ask me why he like his song so much. He will also “sing” the last word of each sentence for the rhymes that we sing to him.
  • Takes more of an interest in playing with other children
    Not really. Unless he knows them well. Like his cousin or his few classmates that has been with him since December last year.

Advanced Skills

  • Can walk down stairs
    Yes. His gross motor skills have always been good
  • Talks about self (likes, dislikes)
    Not really. He will just shake his head when he sees things he don’t want. Like when I on certain app on my iPhone for him, he will shake his head and proceed to press the “home” button.
  • Asks “Why?”
    Nope. He doesn’t know how to say “Why?” yet.
Mr Independent

My boy feels like a young kid now. Fun to play with but we know these stage pass very fast and we will miss it. So we hope we can enjoy this moment to the fullest.

P.S. Don’t remind us about terrible twos.


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