Its been a long time since I last brought Zai out to a playground. The last time was when I was still pregnant with Loi, I remembered together with Chubby, we brought him to the playground near my mum’s place. Before I was pregnant, I remember bringing him to the playground near our place a few times. Since my pregnancy, I dare not do it, cause Zai needs a lot of caring when it comes to playground.

Last Sunday, Chubby wants to sleep in as Zai woke him up at 6am the day before. So I decides to bring Zai to the playground near our place. And I’m glad I did. The weather was good, it was windy and there wasn’t much sun, but still bright enough.

And from here I realise my boy has really grown up alot. The last time we really have to look after him. Normally I will be down at the ground while Chubby will follow him up the playground. Cause in the past he is really quite reckless. He doesn’t know what is dangerous. But our boy has grown up. He knows he shouldn’t jump down from the playground and all. So I just need to stay at the ground and look after him.

But my boy is still quite daring. He tried climbing up using the metal rungs instead of the “stairs”. And also using the “ladder”. I can see him process cautiously when he climb up using these tools. But sometime, he will get so excited that he will miss a step and he will quickly grab hold properly with his hands. And of course I’m there to “catch” him if he slips.

I’m really glad that Zai really enjoys himself. And I gave him enough time to play. So when we leave he didn’t protest much. I really hope that I can do this with him every week. I must really find the time and pray for good weather. We shall see if I can do it this weekend again for a start.

Rocking Dino @ Playground

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