Zai’s Vocab @ 22 Months

One of the things the doctors asked when Zai was admitted for his seizure was whether his development had been normal. Can he walk and run? How many words can he speak? More than 40? Its fortunate that I have always chart Zai’s development through my blog. So I think I could safely say that my boy development has been normal so far. But when they asked if my boy can speak more than 40 words, I was a little stump as I didn’t really calculate before. So here I shall list them.

  1. DeeDee (Daddy)
  2. MiMi (Mummy)
  3. MaaMaa (Grandma)
  4. YeYe (Grandpa)
  5. PoPo (Grandma)
  6. MaMa (Gu Ma)
  7. DuDu (GuGu)
  8. KiuKiu (JiuJiu in Hakka)
  9. YiYi
  10. JieJie (Elder Sister)
  11. MeiMei (Younger Sister)
  12. DiDi (Younger Brother)
  13. Kiuu (Thank You)
  14. Morning
  15. Bye Bye
  16. Eat
  17. Feed
  18. Poo Poo
  19. Bao Bao (Carry in Chinese)
  20. Pao (Run in Chinese)
  21. Tang Tang (Lie down in Chinese)
  22. Up
  23. Bite
  24. Nilk Nilk (Milk)
  25. Key
  26. Car
  27. Watch
  28. Shoes
  29. iPone (iPhone)
  30. To (Photo)
  31. Bed
  32. MumMum (Food)
  33. Ple (Apple)
  34. Nana (Banana)
  35. Orange (Color and Fruit)
  36. Ball
  37. Eyes
  38. Ear
  39. Nose
  40. Mouth
  41. Teeth
  42. Hair
  43. Cat
  44. Dog
  45. Dile (Crocodile)
  46. Key (Monkey)
  47. Purpo (Hippopotamus)
  48. Tiger
  49. Lion
  50. Raffe (Giraffe)
  51. Bra (Zebra)
  52. Duck
  53. Bird
  54. ter (Butterfly)
  55. Fish
  56. Mouse
  57. Pig
  58. Bear Bear
  59. Bee
  60. Sheep
  61. Bit (Rabbit)

I think there are more but that is what I can remember for now. So I guess in terms of language development he is still normal.


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