Loi @ 3 Months

So much have happened that I only have time to blog about Loi’s development now.

Mastered Skills

  • Laughs
    Yes. She can giggle out loud sometime. But I can’t remember she did it when she is around 3 months or now.
  • Holds head steady
    Hmm. I guess her development on this is slow then? Cause she can hold her head only for a short while I think. Its not really very steady yet.
  • Recognizes your face and scent
    I don’t know if she actually can recognize us. But she generally will smile when we talk to her. But there were also times when stranger coo at her and she smile back at them.

Emerging Skills

  • Squeals, gurgles, coos
    Yes! It just melt my heart when you hear her.
  • Recognizes your voice
    Erm.. I dunno how to measure this
  • Does mini-pushups
    I didn’t really put her on her tummy alot has she doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Unlike her bro. So I haven’t actually see her do this yet.

Advanced Skills

  • Turns towards loud sounds
    Hmm. Don’t think so
  • Can bring hands together and may bat at toys
    When she bring her hands together its for her to put into her mouth
  • Can roll over
    Not yet. But recently we see her arch to a certain angle. So I guess its pretty soon.

It appears that Loi development seems to be slower than her bro. But I guess guys are better in their gross motor skills. Besides, we really spend more time with Zai in letting him crawl and do all sorts of things when he was younger. Now, Zai requires our attention and Loi too. Sometime everybody will be so busy doing things and looking after Zai that she is neglected. I feel bad about it. I have been constantly reminding myself to always spend time with her. I just hope I can remember it.

Loi @ 3 Months

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