23 Jan 2012, 1st Day of CNY

This should have been an enjoyable day. It was Loi first CNY. I don’t see my relatives alot, so I always like the catchup during CNY. But today had been my worst CNY. In fact so much have happened that I forgot today is CNY.

Zai got admitted to KKH. It all started on Thursday. He had diarrhea in school. And I think he poo again back home. But he was still generally appearing ok. Still active and able to play.

On Friday his teacher told us his stools were really watery. When we bought him out for dinner he poo twice and the 2nd time was really so watery that it seeps out from the side. And on our way home he started to puke. We thought he couldn’t digest the rice properly cos it was really sticky. But then he puke again. So Chubby brought him to KKH while I stayed home to take care of Loi.

He was diagnose with Rotavirus and was put under a re-hydration course while in the hospital. They reach home at about 4am where his puking have stopped. We gave him some milk after he woke up. He took it quite ok. So we proceeded with porridge. That’s where he puke after he woke up from his nap.

So we returned to his re-hydration course and gave him only milk feeds. Thankfully his puking stopped. But his intake is also very little. Then on 1st day of CNY, we make him more milk as he appears more hungry and is crying for more. But of course we diluted it. He had a diarrhea just before we are about to leave the house. And his poo poo actually leaked onto the floor.

When we reach our first CNY visit stop, i.e. Chubby grandma place, we gave him his second milk feed for the day. He finish almost all of it. On the way there, he already appear sleepy. Which we think is normal since its his nap time. So after his milk Chubby tried to make him sleep but he refused and ask me to carry him instead. I carried him and laid his head on my shoulder. After a while, I noticed something not right. I turn his head and saw that he is having fits. I panic and immediately call to Chubby who was watching tv. He laid Zai down and put him on his side. The fits continued for a minute plus. His lips and fingers turn blue. And his eyes were looking up. Chubby told me he is not conscious that he is having fits so there is nothing much we could do. So I just keep rubbing his legs and hope to soothe him. Lucky, Chubby was there to calm me down. And I think its godsend that he recently attended a first aid course.

After the fits stopped. We don’t know if he fell asleep or lost conscious. We just quickly brought him to KK. Lucky it wasn’t that far. We queued at the triage for registration and was brought straight to the observation area of the A&E. They tested his blood which is ok and verified that he does not have high fever, so they decides to admit him for observation.

And he was admitted. Then again a string of questions regarding the seizure, his development and family history was asked. But nothing seems to appear out of ordinary. So we can only bring him for more blood test.

Test results revealed his glucose level was rather low. I think from the lack of food and diarrhea. So they have to put the tube and put him on drip. He cried badly when he was doing that and we were not allowed in to accompany him. After the procedure, the nurse carried him back to his bed. Just when she was about to put him down, he went into fits again. He was given oxygen and luckily he remain conscious after the fits.

I also can’t remember when he had another round. But this time shorter around 40s. So they gave him medication to stop the fits. I quickly went home during this period as he was sleeping.

When I was back, he just woke up from his sleep and was crying non stop. Not long, he went into another round of fits again. That was the fourth time and the last time (I hope he won’t ever have fits again)! They gave him another round of medication and decides to send him for CT scan of his brain as further blood test shows all his levels are ok.

He kept on crying when he was going for the scan. So they have no choice but to give him some medication to calm him down. The boy will was so strong that he refuses to fall asleep. I carried him all the way into the room and kept singing and rubbing him. It took him sometime before he calm down. The scan was pretty fast and he was brought back to his ward after that.

As he was sleeping, I decides that I should go home at that point. Cause its already 9pm+. I need to go back to express milk and take care of Loi. So I left. After I settled everything with Loi and climb to my bed its already 10:30pm. I tried to sleep as I know I will need it and hopefully to relieve off Chubby’s duties the next day so he can take a rest.

At around 1am. My phone rang and I literally jumped out of my bed. Although I just fell asleep from Loi previous feed at 12+am. Chubby called for help. Apparently Zai woke up at around 11pm and was crying non-stop. Nothing seems to make him quiet down and he is calling for me. I quickly pack some toys and books for him. And also brought along my breast pump just in case. I told my MIL that I will be going over to the hospital and requested her to sleep on my bed so its easier for her to take care of Loi.

When I reached the hospital, Zai was still crying. We brought him to walk around the ward, he will stop for a while and start crying when we approach his room / bed. I guess he really want to get out of the place. I accompanied him onto his bed and play my iPhone with him. Gave him some milk but he was still fretful. There were times where he is really sleepy and he turn lie on his stomach only to be disturbed by his drip. So he get very frustrated and started crying again. We have no choice but to bring him to walk around again.

This happened all the way until around 5am. We were walking outside where Chubby notice that the needle for the drip seems to be loose. So we actually ask the nurse to help take a look. And she told us that the needle is half out so they have to remove it. My heart sank. Cause I don’t want him to go through the pain of poking again. A brave boy like him that is not afraid of injection was crying very hard when he got poke earlier. The nurse says she will consult the doctor before deciding when to put the drip back.

So we went back to the room and I let him play with my iPhone again. And guess what, he fell asleep very quickly. I guess the drip was really very uncomfortable for him. When the doctor came, he was already sleeping. We asked if there is really a need for the drip, cause he is finally sleeping. He told us we shall let him sleep for now and see how is it in the morning.

So the boy slept till around 7am+ and he woke up. His usual time. I played with him and brought him around to help kill time. The doctor came at around 9am. She told us that its okie not to give him the drip yet. But if he has another round of fits, they might need to administer the medication on his buttocks and all. So we both pray for the best. We asked if he could be discharge that day, since we know he doesn’t want to stay there (He keep saying bye bye when we brought him out of the room for walks and cries whenever we approach the room). The doctor wasn’t so keen in letting him go yet because he still suffers from the diarrhea and cough. But she will still ask her consultant.

The consultant came later. He told us that if he doesn’t have any more fits by 5pm. He can be discharged. It was a great relief for both of us. We just hope he will be fine from then on. My MIL and SIL came at around 10+. He was so happy to see them and his cousin. We were relieve too, cause there was finally someone to help take care of him for a while.  I was really thankful of them, especially my SIL.

Apparently he asleep in my MIL lap while they were having breakfast. I was up in the ward expressing breast milk. Soon my parents came, and Chubby told me to go home and take care of Loi first while he stays with my MIL till 5pm. Hopefully I can grab some rest too.

I went home, but by the time I finish my chores and settled Loi, it was already 4pm+ Still I took a quick nap and was awaken by the non-stop door bell. I opened the door, happy to see my son with smiles on his face playing the door bell. Finally my boy is home.


I started typing this on 23 Jan 2012 22:28. Only manage to complete it now (30 Jan 2012). Zai has more or less recovered. There is no more seizure and his diarrhea has stopped since Saturday. There is still flu and cough. But we went to see another doctor for that on Friday, so he is on a course of Anti-biotics. And they seem to be under control. Just that the phelm will probably need time to clear.

My boy lost weight throughout the episode. That day when I was changing him into his pajamas, I saw his bony hands and his rib cage. But because he have a big head and his tummy was bulging from the virus, he looks really like a malnutrition kid from a developing country. My heart pains when I see that.

But right now he has already start jumping around and wrecking havoc at home. I happy to see my lively boy back. He will be back in school today. I hope it doesn’t worsen his condition because there will definitely be more virus around there than home. *praying*


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