1st Week @ Work

This week pass by even faster. I was so busy at work that I have no time to blog and read up. When I reach home I would be so dead tired to actually blog.

My typical day starts at 6 am. I gotta wake up earlier as I wish to do a pump before I go to work. And the day ends at about 10+ or 11pm. If I get to sleep through the night I guess the amount of sleep is enough. But I still have to BF Loi in the middle of the night. Sometimes Zai will wake up too, and I have even more disturbed sleep.

At work, everything is moving so fast. I thought I could come back and enjoy a 1 week transition before the CNY break. But I was wrong. Meetings after meetings plus the pump I need to do in office. I literally have no time to take a break in work too.

For the first few days, Chubby is not home at night. So when I reach home, I still have to do some chores by myself. By the time I took my dinner and complete the chores, its already close to 9pm. And its bed time for the kids. So I actually have no time to play and interact with them much. I felt so tired and I misses them so much that I actually broke down. Chubby even considered engaging house help. But no. I told him. I think I can make it through. And its only this period where I need to BF Loi that takes up more time.

Yesterday, things are getting better. I reach home slightly later, but because Chubby was at home, so I actually get more time. I also decides to leave the chores there and play with my kids first. Cause at the most I sleep later but I won’t miss the precious time I have with my kids. And Chubby was around to help yesterday so in the end we manage to complete everything faster. Plus Loi didn’t want to sleep so early last night. So I get to interact with her for a while before she fall asleep.

Next week is Chinese New Year. So it will be a break for us. I doubt I will be able to catch much sleep back, but at least I have more time for my kids.

So here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!



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