Toilet Training Readiness

Yesterday was a big milestone for Zai. He shows signs of toilet training readiness.

It happened in the evening where he just came back from school. He was playing with his toys then suddenly he stopped what he was playing, turn to me and started pulling his diaper. So I asked if he wanted to go to the toilet. And if he wants to poo or pee. I brought him to the toilet and he pointed to the toilet seat. So I put the seat for him and he attempt to climb it up on his own (Our kids toilet seat comes with a leg rest, so he will actually climb up on his own). However, he got distracted by the handsoap on the flush. So I quickly carried him onto the seat. And within seconds I heard a small plop and took a peek. Zai had successfully pooped into the toilet bowl! I was so excited and I feel like taking a pic. But Chubby thinks its too disgusting. So I dropped the idea.

And that is not a one off incident. Later in the night while I was hanging the clothes, Zai is with me playing in the kitchen. Again half way he turn to look at me and patted his diaper. But very quickly he went back to his play. I was busy hanging the clothes and Zai has already changed to his night diaper which is not a pull up, so I thought maybe he doesn’t really want to go to the toilet. Besides, he have already pooped. But I was wrong. Minutes later, I could smell his poo. I think parents really cannot be lazy. I should have brought him to the toilet to encourage him, especially now that he just started.

I hope he will continue to show us when he wants to poo. And hopefully when he wants to pee soon. 🙂


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