Zai @ 22 Month

Its time to record Zai development again!

Mastered Skills

  • Can kick a ball forward
    He prefers to use the racket though.
  • Follows two-step requests (get your doll and bring it here)
    Yup. Just yesterday I told him to get me his animal toys that is strewn all over the floor and pass it to me so I can keep them into the box. He did as he was told. My MIL also purposely put some papers on the floor and asked him to pick it up and throw it into the rubbish bin. He is able to do all when he is in the mood to listen. 😛
  • Imitates others behavior
    Oh.. he loves that. Just that day he climbed into Loi’s cot and pretend to be her.

    Zai Pretending to be Loi

    And guess what he was trying to do in this pic?

    Zai and Nursing Pillow

    That’s right, he is trying to breast feed Loi’s little bolster. Initially he just climb to the nursing pillow and sit there. Then he requested Chubby to put the pillow around him. And he then proceed to pull up his shirt. Then he realize that something is missing, so he pointed to Loi’s cot. We thought he wanted his carebear (which is in Loi’s cot) to represent, so we put his bear there. Nope he didn’t want it, and proceed to take the bolster himself. I guess I should be more discrete next time I breast feed Loi.
    Not only this. After he is done with the nursing pillow, he saw my iPhone. He wanted to play with it but I didn’t want to on for him. So he walked around with my iPhone and proceed to place it at a bookshelf standing where I always put when I’m expressing and reading blogs off my phone. He saw it a couple of times when my MIL or Chubby accidentally let him into the room.

Emerging Skills

  • Can do simple puzzles
    I guess so. He has a wooden peg puzzle which allows him to put in the animals into the allocated space. He of course have to match the shape, but there is a picture there to assist him. He is able to slot in most of the pegs on his own. I have also brought out a wooden alphabet puzzle, which requires him to put the alphabets into the slots. He is able to do it for most alphabets. But some he still needs time.
  • Can draw a straight line
    He always draw lines when he does his drawings. But I don’t know if that is really considered drawing a straight line
  • Can identify several body parts
    One of his favorite song is “Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes”. So obviously he knows these parts. He is also able to identify eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and teeth. One of the activity he enjoys doing now is pointing to Loi’s body parts and name it. E.g. “Mei Mei Nose”. I’m trying to teach him “back” now. Cause I was telling him that snail carries a shell on their back. However, he thought I meant “bag”, which he carries on his “back” too. I guess it will take sometime for him to learn that.

Advanced Skills

  • Can put on clothing
    Not on his own. Assisted by us generally. When we help him put on his tee, he will automatically search for the sleeves to put his hand in. But he doesn’t really look he just tries his luck.
  • Might be ready for a big bed
    I don’t get his. Currently Zai is already sleeping in a single size mattress. But of course he can’t really fall off a mattress can he? So I’m not so sure what this really mean here.
  • Understands opposites
    Apart from Yes (or rather Yeah for him) and No, I don’t really think he understand opposites. I have borrowed books on opposites for him but he don’t seem interested. Even things like beside, above and under we are trying to teach him now. He still haven’t catch the essence yet.

I remember hearing others mention before that kids before age 7 actually learn the fastest. I agree, if not how can they pick up so many skills in such a short span of time. And I couldn’t agree more now. Cause Zai is absorbing things so fast. Some things he saw us repeatedly do it so he also knows how to do it on his own without teaching. This is nothing fantastic. But there are some things that he only saw once, but he somehow registers and remembers them. And will do it before you realize that he knows how to do it. Like I mention in my previous “Mirror” post, we really have to be very careful in how we behave in front of the kids.


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