Sucking Fingers

This two days Loi Loi is suddenly in the finger sucking frenzy. Actually since around Christmas period she started to suck onto her fingers on and off. But everytime I will pull her finger out and she would stopped. Until yesterday.

She just keep on wanting to suck on her finger. I take it out she would put it back in. And I will take it out again. When this continue for a couple more time she will be angry and will start crying.

It really puzzled me why she is suddenly into this frenzy. I went to google this morning and I saw an article saying that sometime baby suck on their fingers because they are not getting enough attention. So they need to suckle to pacify themselves.

Upon reading this, I identified this is likely the case for Loi. This is because if I carry her, she will stop her finger sucking act.

And this morning, she started her finger sucking act right after her feed. I tried to take it out and carry her. But she refuse to go back to sleep. I was so tired myself that I put her back onto her cot and hope that she goes back to sleep on her own. But she didn’t. I lost my patience on her and chubby took over. He took out her hand and talked to her. Who knows she fell back asleep within minutes.

So we both concluded that she just wanted someone to talk to. I felt so guilty. She had been so well behave the past few days. Lying on her own after feeds and watching us do our chores and falling into sleep herself. That’s why I ended up spending less time with her. And in the night Zai needs alot of my attention, so she was left on her own too. I feel bad for “punishing” her when she is so well behave.

So today I spent more time with her. She still sucks her hand. Every time she does it, I will pull her hand out and talk to her. Sometimes I will carry her. And true enough she is better. She won’t be sucking the moment her hand is out.

I have put across this to Chubby. Hoping that he can let his mum know. Especially when I’m due back to work next week. I hope she can stop this bad habit of Loi and gave her more attention.


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